History, gazetteer, and directory of Leicestershire, and ... Rutland: together with the adjacent towns of Grantham & Stamford

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Page 60 - ... the conquerors pursued their advantage, with the usual licence of rapine and plunder, and miserably sacked the whole town, without any distinction of persons or places ; churches and hospitals, as well as other houses, were made a prey to the enraged and greedy soldier, to the exceeding regret of the king...
Page 18 - Tenths might not operate oppressively, the first year's income was to be paid by four annual instalments, and all livings of small value were entirely exempt, and hence, called
Page 361 - Be of good heart, brother, for God will either assuage the fury of the flame, or else strengthen us to abide it.
Page 17 - In 1290, a a valuation for this purpose was made of all the ecclesiastical livings in England; and the book containing that record is preserved in the Remembrancer's office, under the title of " Valor of Pope Nicholas IV." At the time of the Reformation there was a law passed, that the first fruits and tenths should be applied to the use of the state, and that any Bishop or clergyman neglecting to pay those...
Page 296 - The champion, moving onward amid these wellmeant hints, ascended the platform by the sloping alley which led to it from the lists, and, to the astonishment of all present, riding straight up to the central pavilion, struck with the sharp end of his spear the shield of Brian de Bois-Guilbert until it rung again.
Page 17 - Fruits;" and every succeeding year, as long as he enjoys the living, he has been required to pay one-tenth part of his income into a fund,, hence called '
Page 330 - Suffolk (Stamford), who last inhabited Bradgate Hall, that she set it on fire at the instigation of her sister, who then lived in London. The story is thus told : ' Some time after the earl had married he brought his lady to his seat at Bradgate ; her sister wrote to her, desiring to know how she liked her habitation and the country she was in : the Countess of Suffolk (Stamford) wrote for answer, that the house was tolerable, that the country •was a forest, and the inhabitants all brutes.
Page 35 - ... concentration of nutriment of any artificial preparation of food. The secret of its make was for some time confined to the family of the original inventors, who were under an engagement to sell all they could make to the famous Cooper Thornhill, of Stilton, and being thus to be obtained of him...
Page 568 - Fd low a Fellow of the Royal Society, and a Member of the Academy of Sciences at Paris. He died in 1761, and his widow was provided with an annuity from the crown.
Page 330 - The sister in consequence, by letter, desired her to set fire to the house, and run away by the light of it.

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