History of Adair County, Iowa, and Its People, Volume 1

Front Cover
Lucian Moody Kilburn
Pioneer Publishing Company, 1915 - Adair County (Iowa)

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Page 218 - ... Grand river and the Nodaways flow into the Missouri. Of these streams, Middle river (and Bush Branch, a small tributary of Middle river) are the only ones that cut to bedrock in Adair county. Grand river cuts through rock in Madison county not very far from the county line. The Nodaway cuts into rock near Mount Etna, in Adams county, and north of that point flows over a clay bed. PREVIOUS GEOLOGICAL WORK In 1849 Owen probably passed through the southern part of Adair county, or skirted along...
Page vi - July 3, 1836, a territorial government was organized, which at first included a part of the upper peninsula of Michigan, the whole of Minnesota and Iowa, and that part of Dakota lying E.
Page 217 - ... Well Sections 312 Post-Pleistocene Deposits 316 Paleontology 321 Economic Geology 322 Changes Incident to Human Occupation 324 Natural History 327 Botany of Adair County 327 Forest Trees of Adair County 329 List of the Flowering Plants of Adair County 336 THE GEOLOGY OF ADAIR COUNTY1 INTRODUCTION Adair county is located in the third tier of counties north of the southern boundary of Iowa, and in the third tier east of the western boundary of the state. It is a square, consisting of sixteen geographical...
Page iv - Be to their faults a little blind, Be to their virtues very kind, Let all their thoughts be unconfined, A.nd clap your padlock on the mind.
Page vi - Wisconsin was organized, which at first included a part of the upper peninsula of Michigan, the whole of Minnesota and Iowa, and that part of Dakota lying east of the Missouri and White Earth rivers. When the Territory of Iowa was organized July 12, 1838, it included the present State of Minnesota and parts of North and South Dakota. By an act of Congress approved March 3, 1845, provision was made for the admission of Iowa into the Union as a sovereign state, with boundaries extending on the north...
Page 214 - Uuiversity where he concluded his literary education and began the study of law. He was admitted to the bar in 1860.
Page vi - Louisiana was originated, by which it was known during the early history of the country. On March 3, 1805, Iowa was included as a part of the Territory of Louisiana, with the capital at St. Louis, and that part of the Louisiana Purchase now known as Louisiana became Orleans Territory. The Territory of Missouri was organized June 4, 1812, and Iowa was embraced in it. When Missouri became a state in 1820, Iowa with other territory, was detached and forgotten and "remained a country without a government,...
Page vi - July 19, 1820, Missouri became a State, and Iowa with other territory was detached and forgotten, and remained a country without a government, either political or judicial, until June 28, 1834, when the abuses of outlawry and crime became so prominent and so serious that, as a means of redress and correction, it was included in the Territory of Michigan. During all these years, it is probable that the only civil law in force in Iowa was the provision of the Missouri Act, which prohibited slavery...
Page 113 - Has served as county surveyor sixteen years, and is still in that position; puhlic school trustee for eighteen years ; and was for a number of years a member of the county board of education.
Page vii - Be it enacted by the Legislative Council of the Territory of Michigan — That all that district of country which was attached to the Territory of Michigan by an act of Congress entitled "An act to attach the territory of the United States west of the Mississippi River...

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