History of Butte County, California, Količine 1–2

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H.L. Wells, 1882
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Stran 85 - You may assure the people of those provinces that it is the wish and design of the United States to provide for them a free government, with the least possible delay, similar to that which exists in our territories. They will then be called on to exercise the rights of freemen in electing their own representatives to the territorial legislature.
Stran 66 - With full confidence in the honor and integrity of the inhabitants of the country...
Stran 66 - ... may not be disturbed; at least, until the government of the territory can be more definitely arranged. All persons holding titles to real estate, or in quiet possession of lands under a color of right, shall have those titles and rights guaranteed to them. All churches and the property they contain, in possession of the clergy of California, shall continue in the same rights and possessions they now enjoy.
Stran 13 - ... in name, which sometime was so called. There is no part of earth here to be taken up, wherein there is not some probable show of gold or silver.
Stran 38 - REVEREND FATHER : I understand, through the medium of one of your Christian Indians, that you are anxious to know who we are, as some of the Indians have been at the mission and informed you that there were certain white people in the country. We are Americans, on our journey to the river Columbia ; we were in at the mission San Gabriel in January latt.
Stran 13 - Majesty's name, the day and year of our arrival there, with the free giving up of the province and people into her Majesty's hands, together with her Highness...
Stran 66 - Creator in the way most congenial to each one's sense of duty, will be secured, which, unfortunately, the central government of Mexico cannot afford them, destroyed as her resources are by internal factions and corrupt officers, who create constant revolutions to promote their own interests and oppress the people. Under the flag of the United States, California will be free from all such troubles and...
Stran 84 - PROCLAMATION. To the people of California. The President of the United States having instructed the undersigned to take charge of- the civil government of California...
Stran 89 - Sir, coming from a slave State, as I do, I owe it to myself, I owe it to truth, I owe it to the subject to say that no earthly power could induce me to vote for a specific measure for the introduction of slavery where it had not before existed, either South or North of that line. Coming as I do...
Stran 66 - California. I declare to the inhabitants of California that, although I come in arms with a powerful force, I do not come among them as an enemy to California : on the contrary, I come as their best friend...

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