History of Talbot County, Maryland, 1661-1861, Volume 2

Front Cover
Williams & Wilkins, 1915 - Talbot County (Md.)

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Page 375 - Congress above mentioned and an act laying an embargo on all ships and vessels in the ports and harbors of the United States and the several acts supplementary thereto, may be renewed.
Page 430 - Admiral of the Blue and Commander in Chief of His Majesty's ships and vessels employed, and to be employed, on the American and West Indian Station, &c., &c.
Page 54 - That the late act of parliament, entitled, An act for granting and applying certain stamp duties, and other duties, in the British colonies and plantations in America, etc...
Page 249 - ... sufferings. Our hearts are waxed light within us then, and we are for righting our ain wrangs and fighting our ain battles.
Page 526 - So the multitude goes — like the flower or the weed That withers away to let others succeed ; So the multitude comes — even those we behold, To repeat every tale that has often been told.
Page 498 - Like the dry remnant of a garden-flower Whose seeds are shed, or as an implement Worn out and worthless. While from door to door, This old Man creeps, the villagers in him Behold a record which together binds Past deeds and offices of charity...
Page 17 - Charles, absolute Lord and Proprietary of the province of Maryland and Avalon, Lord Baron of Baltimore...
Page 531 - she did not want to hear him, and such as he, for he was a scholar and a wise man ; and she did not question but he could preach, but she wanted to hear some of our mechanics preach, as husbandmen, shoemakers, and such-like rustics, for she thought they could not preach to any purpose.' William Penn told her, ' some of these were rather the best preachers we had among us,
Page 523 - QUAKERS, a sect which took its rise in England about the middle of the seventeenth century, and rapidly found its way into other countries in Europe, and into the English .settlements in North America. The members of this society, we believe, called themselves, at first, Seekers, from their seeking the truth; but after the society was formed, they assumed the appellation of Friends.
Page 11 - Defender of the Faith &c. Annoq Domini One Thousand, seven Hundred and sixty eight.— ELEAZAR WHEELOCK Signed sealed and delivered In Presence of BEZA...

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