History of William Penn, Founder of Pennsylvania, Volume 2

Hurst and Blackett, 1872 - 363 páginas

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Página 229 - I purpose that which is extraordinary, and to leave myself and successors no power of doing mischief, that the will of one man may not hinder the good of a whole country...
Página 107 - Gentlemen, you shall not be dismissed till we have a verdict that the court will accept, and you shall be locked up without meat, drink, fire, and tobacco. You shall not think thus to abuse the court. We will have a verdict, by the help of God, or you shall starve for it.
Página 207 - Let justice have its impartial course, and the law free passage. Though to your loss protect no man against it, for you are not above the law, but the law above you. Live, therefore, the lives yourselves you would have the people live, and then you have right and boldness to punish the transgressor.
Página 111 - Till now I never understood the reason of the policy and prudence of the Spaniards, in suffering the inquisition among them: And certainly it will never be well with us, till something like unto the Spanish inquisition be in England.
Página 165 - I know not by what discretion, lighted heavily upon us, and we complain, yet we do not mean that any should take a fresh aim at them, or that they should come in our room, for we must give the liberty we ask, and cannot be false to our principles, though it were to relieve ourselves ; for we have goodwill to all men, and would have none suffer for a truly sober and conscientious dissent on any hand.
Página 117 - Son William, if you and your friends keep to your plain way of preaching, and keep to your plain way of living, you will make an end of the priests to the end of the world.

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