History of the French revolution, and of the wars resulting from that memorable event. 11 vols. [in 12. Wanting the title-leaves of vol.4,5,8].

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Σελίδα 805 - Conformably to the words of the Holy Scriptures, which command all men to consider each other as brethren, the three contracting Monarchs will remain united by the bonds of a true and indissoluble fraternity; and considering each other as fellow-countrymen, they will on all occasions, and in all places, lend each other aid and assistance...
Σελίδα 841 - To facilitate and to secure the execution of the present Treaty, and to consolidate the connections which at the present moment so closely unite the four Sovereigns for the happiness of the world, the High Contracting Parties have agreed to renew their meetings at fixed periods, either under the immediate auspices of the Sovereigns themselves, or by their respective Ministers, for the purpose of consulting upon their common interests, and for the consideration of the measures which at each of...
Σελίδα 806 - Him to whom alone power really belongs, because in Him alone are found all the treasures of love, science, and infinite wisdom, that is to say, God, our Divine Saviour, the Word of the Most High, the Word of Life.
Σελίδα 490 - The powers consequently declare, that Napoleon Buonaparte has placed himself without the pale of civil and social relations, and that, as an enemy and disturber of the tranquillity of the world, he has rendered himself liable to public vengeance.
Σελίδα 625 - I took the eagle from the enemy ; he and I had a hard contest for it ; he thrust for my groin — I parried it off, and cut him through the head ; after which I was attacked by one of their lancers, who threw his lance at me, but missed the mark, by my throwing it off with my sword by my right side ; then T cut him from the chin upwards, which went through his teeth...
Σελίδα 806 - All the Powers who shall choose solemnly to avow the sacred principles which have dictated the present Act, and shall acknowledge how important it is for the happiness of nations, too long agitated, that these truths should henceforth exercise over the destinies of mankind all the influence which belongs to them, will be received with equal ardour and affection into this Holy Alliance.
Σελίδα 527 - England consented to borrow not a little from the temperate meridian of that government. Her court stood controlled by opinion, limited by principles of honour, and softened by the influence of manners : and, on the whole, there was an amenity in the condition of France, which rendered the French an amiable, an enlightened, a gallant and accomplished race. Over this gallant race you see imposed an oriental despotism. Their present court...
Σελίδα 451 - In your old age, surrounded and esteemed by your fellow-citizens, they will hear you with respect, while you recount your high deeds. You will be able to say with pride—' And I too, was part of that Grand Army, which entered twice the walls of Vienna, those of Rome, of Berlin, of Madrid, of Moscow : and which delivered Paris from the foul blot which treason and the presence of the enemy imprinted on it.
Σελίδα 527 - I have seen his constitution, as exhibited in the. newspaper; there are faults innumerable in the frame of it, and more in the manner of accepting it : it is to be passed by subscription without discussion, the troops are to send deputies, and the army is to preside. There is some cunning, however, in making the subscribers to the constitution renounce the House of Bourbon ; they are to give their word .for the deposition of the King, and take Napoleon's word for their own liberty; the offer imports...
Σελίδα 528 - In vain have you stopped in your own person the flying fortunes of Europe ; in vain have you taken the eagle of Napoleon, and snatched invincibility from his standard, if now, when confederated Europe is ready to march, you take the lead in the desertion, and preach the penitence of Buonaparte and the poverty of England.

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