History of the Late Polish Revolution, and the Events of the Campaign

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subscribers, 1833 - Lithuania - 428 pages
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Page 421 - By the grace of God, we, Nicholas I., Emperor and Autocrat of all the Russias, &c...
Page 423 - Russian empire and the kingdom of Poland shall be regulated according to the respective interests of the two countries. ' Art. 20. Our army in the empire and in the kingdom shall compose one in common, without distinction of Russian or Polish troops.
Page 423 - ... law. ART. 21. Those of our subjects of the empire of Russia, who are established in the kingdom of Poland, who possess or shall possess, real property in that country, shall enjoy all the rights of natives. It shall be the same with those of our subjects of the kingdom of Poland, who shall establish themselves, and shall possess property, in the oth324] [325 er provinces of the empire.
Page 422 - ART. 10. The form of judicial inquests directed against the superior functionaries of the kingdom, and against persons accused of high treason, shall be determined by a particular law, the foundation of which shall be accordant with the other laws of our empire. ART. 11. The right of property of individuals, and of corporations, is declared sacred and inviolable, inasmuch as it will be conformable to the existing laws. All the subjects of the kingdom of Poland are...
Page 421 - ... the laws and privileges of towns and communes, so that the kingdom of Poland, with a separate administration adapted to its wants, may not cease to form an integral part of our empire, and that the inhabitants of this country may henceforward constitute a nation united with the Russians by...
Page 7 - I have listened attentively to your representations. As a Pole I should have thought and voted as you have done ; I would have voted like you in the assembly of Warsaw. Love of one's country is the first duty of civilized man.
Page 422 - ARTCLE 3. The crown of the kingdom of Poland is hereditary in our person, and that of our descendants, heirs, and successors, according to the order of succession established for the imperial throne of Russia. ARTICLE 8.
Page 420 - Poland, conquered in the year 181 5 by the victorious arms of Russia, obtained, by the magnanimity of our illustrious predecessor, the emperor Alexander, not only its national existence, but also special laws sanctioned by a constitutional charter. These favors, however, would not satisfy the eternal enemies of order and lawful power. Obstinately persevering in their culpable projects...
Page 400 - ... and the Deputies shouted back an enthusiastic assent, and a hearty Amen. The President of the National Government, the venerable Prince Czartoryski, than whom a more honorable and honest man lives not on earth, says in his correspondence with Lafayette ; ' But we relied on the magnanimity and wisdom of the cabinets ; trusting to them, we have not availed ourselves of all the resources which were at our command, both exterior and interior. To secure the approbation of the cabinets, to deserve...
Page 420 - Jan. 2, last year, we announced to our faithful subjects the march of our troops into the kingdom of Poland, which was momentarily snatched from the lawful authority, we at the 'same time informed them of our intention to fix the future fate of this country on a durable basis, suited to its wants, and calculated to promote the welfare of our whole empire. Now that an end has been put by force of arms to the rebellion in Poland, and that the nation, led away by agitators, has returned to its duty,...

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