History Simplified: An International Primer

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Page 65 - he opposes to the error of giving intelligence to matter and placing pain where it never placed itself, if received understandingly, changes the currents of the system to their normal action; and the mechanism of the body goes on undisturbed.
Page 32 - ... very superior pyrotechny this evening!" Are the agents of nature, and the power to understand them, worth no more than a street serenade, or the breath of a cigar? One remembers again the trumpet-text in the Koran, — 'The heavens and the earth, and all that is between them, think ye we have created them in jest?
Page v - Independence, was also the year of publication of the first volume of Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire...
Page 3 - Take, to fix our ideas, the two verses from ' Locksley Hall': "I, the heir of all the ageģ in the foremost files of time," and — " For I doubt not through the ageĢ one Increasing purpose runs." "Why is it that when we recite from memory one of these lines, and get as far as the ages, that portion of the other line which follows, and, so to speak, sprouts out of the ages, •does not also sprout out of our memory, and...
Page vii - Pennsylvania sixty thousand dollars to establish a chair of Moral Philosophy, for the investigation and teaching of religious, moral and intellectual truth...
Page 6 - Elizabeth Barrett's Cry of the Children and Thomas Hood's Song of the Shirt.

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