Holding the Money Can

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Trafford Publishing

Holding the Money Can is the true story of a woman who began life as a homeless child living with her family on the streets of Washington, D. C. during the Depression. The oldest of four children, who had to hold the Money Can as they and their mother begged for money, tells her story. The money can became her symbol of shame. She takes us through the struggle to survive hunger and cold, abuse by her father, and the traumatic separation from her family when she was about six years old. Her memories of the emotional, physical, and sexual abuses she endured in various foster homes are haunting. During her tender years and into her teens, we witness her struggle to rise above her beginnings. There is suspense, happiness, and disappointment, and we learn what motivates her. She marries and becomes a mother, but not just any mother. She is compelled to seek admiration and respect and launches into civic affairs, the PTA, and the Girl Scouts. She puts everyone's needs before her own. Just when she thinks she has finally reached the brass ring, tragedy strikes. Through her loves and betrayals and her joys and sorrows, her courage and indomitable spirit are unfailing, right down to the final, heart-breaking chapter.

The epilogue is intended to inspire others who are experiencing similar abuses and losses.

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