Hollow Vision

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Archieboy Holdings, LLC., Feb 27, 2011 - Drama - 243 pages
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Hollow Vision is an intriguing fictional story about an ancient race of humans who migrated from Egypt and became a great technological and scientific marvel as they were given this advanced and sophisticate knowledge by a supernaturally intelligent demonic who wielded his influence over thousands of years under the guise of being a caring spiritual leader. His political influence was subtle, as the demonic eventually manipulated a coup against the rightful human kingly line. From among this people arose two classes of people; no one greater than the other. One class was the warrior class called the Nephilim Warriors. These were men and women who varied in heights from eight feet to twelve feet tall; with most of the women being around the eight feet in height. They were responsible for the defense of the nation and the development of weapons of technological marvels. They were the peace keepers who were equal citizens with all other citizens; but they thrived and lived to be warriors, being highly intelligent, as well as being physical specimens of the human form and strength. The other class is the sophisticated intellectual lay people who spend most of their time in intellectual pursuits and scientific advancements, being a race of scientist, artist, and athletes of normal human heights and size. The royal dynasty of the kingly line comes from among this non-warrior class. The homeland of these people was on the continent of Australia where they resided for many thousands of years B.C., until the rest of mankind naturally evolved and began to travel the seas. Once this happens, this advanced society with enormous flying ships decided to relocate to a thriving continent with vast amounts of food and animal life within the Hollow shell of the earth in which there is a dwarf star as a sun. During this process, the rightful heir to the throne of the dynasty was purposely left behind-by the deception of the demonic-as it was promised that ships would return for him and others, but they did not until many hundreds of years later. Why was he left behind without his abandonment being questioned? Why did it take so long for the ships to return? Many hundreds of years passed before the flying ships did return for the rightful king and all of the people left behind with him. They themselves became a great nation on the South American continent; yet there is no trace of their actual existence, except for rumors among the South American tribes of people. Nevertheless, the flying ships eventually took them to their home in the Hollow Earth, but by the command of the still influential demonic spiritual leader, they were made servants of the primary people; the rightful king was denied his throne.The story revolves around this conflict as the slaves eventually reject the religion of the Yawdarins and the Nephilim Warriors and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The stories dynamic turns to action in many directions as friendships are torn and new ones are formed. There is an interaction with the people of the inner and outer earth that highlights friendship as their lives move in one direction toward the fulfillment of biblical prophecy: what biblical prophecy could this be being that the stage is the Hollow Earth? You will just have to read and see for yourself as you flip through the pages of Hollow Vision!

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Dr. Alan A Charity is a Doctor of Theology and the founder of the Tree of Life Evangelical ministries. He is also the founder of his current publishing arm known as Watchman Publications. Dr. Charity has written a newsletter of Scripture exposition known as the Wisdom Chronicles. Currently Dr. Charity is the publisher of a blog: Drwatchman.com. Dr. Charity is married with two grown children and four grandchildren. His first priority in life is to declare the gospel according to Jesus Christ. Dr. Charity is currently employing various media devices in order to publish His various media products publicly.

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