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Mrs. Hamilton Mott
Curtis publishing Company, 1898 - Cookery - 188 pages

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Page 58 - I put my left hand in, I put my left hand out; I give my left hand a shake, shake, shake, And turn myself about, oh.
Page 123 - I pare this pippin round and round again, My sweetheart's name to flourish on the plain : I fling the unbroken paring o'er my head, My sweetheart's letter on the ground is read.
Page 180 - Boil together till the tomato is soft, then add three-quarters of a box of gelatine which has been soaked in one-half a cup of water.
Page 14 - Johnny- j ump-up ) 25. My first is a facial expression of pleasure, my second a woodsman's means of livelihood. (Smilax) 26. An animal of the jungle is my first, my second is the name of a tall, fair lady. (Tiger Lily) 27. My first is made in a dairy but is seldom served in my second. (Buttercup) 28. My first wears my second on his head. (Coxcomb) 29. A close companion. (Stick-tight) 30. A fashionable shade for evening dress.
Page 31 - Hearts, in a red coat, red and white striped stockings, blue knee-breeches, cut in points and covered with hearts, a large satin collar in the shape of two hearts, a red cap, hanging sleeves, and sceptre all covered with hearts. On each spoke of the wheel are small cards numbered. As Saint Valentine revolves the wheel swiftly, each guest in turn seizes a card, souvenirs having been prepared corresponding in number to the cards.
Page 14 - Robin) 17. My first is sly but cannot wear my second. (Foxglove) 18. The color of a horse. (Sorrel) 19. A craze in Holland in the seventeenth century. (Tulip) 20. My first is an implement of war, my second is a place where money is coined. (Spearmint) 21. A disrespectful name for a physician. (Dock) 22. Fragrant letters. (Sweet peas) 23. My first is a white wood, my second is the name of a yellow Rhenish wine. (Hollyhock) 24. What the father said to the son in the morning.
Page 139 - Ulkes the candle blue. Will find his sweetheart ever true. The pink, the sweetest of them all. Will wed a fellow six feet tall. Alas, for yellow, bright to see. Your lover e'er will jealous be. Happy she who orange takes; Now begin your wedding cakes. Hopeless, homeless, bachelor he, If white candle his should be. The hostess may evolve some other pleasant and clever couplets to finish the list. The candles come in play later, when each tries his or her fate. All candles lighted, each holds his at...
Page 53 - foxes" stays outside the ring and slyly slaps the shoulder of one of the children. " Fox " runs to the left, the child to the right. They meet, pass each other going at full speed around the ring. The one who gets back to the
Page 54 - Then, turning to right and left respectively, the two lines follow the path of the circle as formed first, meet, join hands again and a new circle is formed. Another " bridge " appears as if by magic, and the children opposite it lead again through it, the while keeping the merry measure with song and dance. This is one of the prettiest of dancing games, which is not necessary to " know how

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