Homeland: A Comedy

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Progressive Press, 2012 - Humor - 184 pages
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Homeland: A Comedy is a hilarious but merciless satire of America's crisis-ridden political scene and culture. The plot involves a president who sells the United States outright to pay off the national debt. Find out what happens when the newly elected President, who is a sight slicker than he is bright, goes along with the scheme to sell his bankrupt nation lock, stock and barrel - the Constitution be damned! The lucky buyer is "The Company" - a CIA-inspired combine of all big U.S. corporations. The Prez sets out to fleece both the knee-jerk government his party controls, and the well-meaning but gullible public. Absurdity mounts as the press blithely rubber-stamps this grand charade. Can the take-over scheme long survive when two intrepid journalists, plus a handful of legislators who won't drink the Kool-Aid, find the courage to look behind the curtain? This satiric novel exposes precisely what is wrong with today's America.

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