Homo Sapiens: A Novel in Three Parts

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A. A. Knopf, 1915 - Polish fiction - 400 pages
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Page 99 - ... Particularly in the field of painting, when a modern work is seen for the first time, we often hear it said that the meaning is not clear. "What does it mean?" "What does it represent?" These are among the most popular questions we hear in such a situation. Then it is that we so often hear the comment, "I don't understand it!" As a matter of fact, there is nothing to understand, at least not in a logical sense of the word. For art addresses itself primarily to the emotions, not to the intellect....
Page 99 - I have eaten and slept with men of all countries and races, but this is the first time in my life that I have ever done so with any one who is as ill bred and as uncouth as you! Good day, sir.
Page 366 - ... plan to show her that he despised her. Next day he sat down at another table and ordered his tea from another waitress. Mildred's friend was there again and she was talking to him. She paid no attention to Philip, and so when he went out he chose a moment when she had to cross his path: as he passed he looked at her as though he had never seen her before. He repeated this for three or four days. He expected that presently she would take the opportunity to say something to him; he thought she...
Page 147 - Mama threw herself on the bed, buried her head in the pillow and wept like a child. After regaining her composure she immediately shifted to a desperate attack: 'You are ruining your future and destroying your opportunities.
Page 21 - Did you ever see the cry of heaven? No? Well, let me tell you I did. I saw heaven crying. It seemed as if the whole sky opened its thousands of mouths and hurled down molten colors into space. The whole sky, an endless expanse of stripes ranging in color from dark-red to black. Congealed blood — no, a pool reflecting a purple sunset, and then dirty gold. Ugly, disgusting, but superb.
Page 63 - ... aufwärts heben. Und in langem Widerstreiten vorwärts, rückwärts hingenommen, können wir, wohin wir schreiten, nur in Kämpfen zielwärts kommen. Auch der nie geworfne Ritter darf zuzeiten unterliegen, Schild geborsten, Speer in Splitter! Aber endlich wird er siegen. Und so wie es einst den Alten doch gelang in diesem Hause, wollen wir die Fahne halten ob der Straße Marktgebrause.
Page 234 - Marit was silent, every now and then throwing him a scared glance. Falk understood, but her tacit resistance annoyed him. To-day he must make a finish. It was inevitable, he felt, yet he was too faint to overcome her resistance. He must muster up his strength. Oh, he knew himself well. The very second glass would do it. A strength of purpose...
Page 242 - Eric," she cried, choking and gulping her sobs. In a blind panic Falk caught her in his arms. " Marit, Marit, I won't go away. I'll stay with you. I haven't the strength to tear myself away from you. It was only a momentary flash of insanity. I thought I'd be able to leave you. But I can't...
Page 236 - Don't cry, don't cry, my darling." He dropped on his knees and covered her hands with kisses. " Don't cry." He caught her in his arms, kissed her eyes, stroked her face, and more and more passionately caressed and clasped her radiant little head. " My only, my darling, my, my...

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