Homoeopathy, Allopathy, and "young Physic"

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Lindsay, and Blakiston, 1846 - Electronic books - 58 pages

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Page 4 - No careful observer of his actions or candid reader of his writings can hesitate for a moment to admit that he was a very extraordinary man, one whose name will descend to posterity as the exclusive excogitator and founder of an original system of medicine, the remote, if not the immediate, cause of more important fundamental changes in the practice of the healing art than have resulted from any promulgated since the days of Galen himself.
Page 52 - And such, in truth, do we believe to be, literally, the condition of physic at this moment. Things have arrived at such a pitch, that they cannot be worse. They must mend or end.
Page 4 - Hahnemann was undoubtedly a man of genius and a scholar ; a man of indefatigable industry, of undaunted energy. In the history of medicine his name will appear in the same list with those of the greatest systematists and theorists; unsurpassed by few in the originality and ingenuity of his views, superior to most in having substantiated and carried out his doctrines into actual and most extensive practice.
Page 57 - ... medical science, and to know diseases thoroughly, than to know by rote a farrago of receipts, or to be aware that certain doctors, of old or of recent times, have said that certain medicines are good for certain diseases. 17. Also to teach students that no systematic or theoretical classification of diseases, or of therapeutic agents, ever yet promulgated, is true, or anything like the truth, and that none can be adopted as a safe guide in practice.
Page 27 - ... would have seemed to us hardly requiring treatment of any kind. In fact, according to all experience, such could not be the case. But, independently of this a priori argument, we have sufficient evidence to prove that many of the cases of pneumonia, at least, were severe cases. A few of these cases are reported in detail by Dr. Fleischmann himself, and we have ourselves had the statement corroborated by the private testimony of a physician, (not a Homoeopath,) who attended Dr.
Page 47 - That, consequently, in a considerable proportion of diseases, it would fare as well, or better, with patients, in the actual condition of the medical art, as more generally practiced, if all remedies, at least all active remedies, especially drugs, were abandoned.
Page 5 - That there are charlatans and impostors among the practitioners of Homoeopathy cannot be doubted ; but, alas, can it be doubted, any more, that there are such, and many such, among the professors of orthodox physic...
Page 55 - The system of giving and also of taking drugs capable of producing some obvious effect — on the sensations, at least, if not on the functions — has become so inveterate in this country, that even our placebos have, in the hands of our modern doctors, lost their original quality of harmlessness, and often please their very patients more by being made unpleasant !
Page 49 - The same truth, as to the uncertainty of practical medicine generally, and the utter insufficiency of the ordinary evidence to establish the efficacy of many of our remedies, as was stated above, has been almost always attained to by philosophical physicians of experience in the course of long practice, and has resulted, in general, in a mild, tentative, or expectant mode of practice in their old age, whatever may have been the vigorous or heroic doings of their youth.
Page 55 - To discountenance all active and powerful medication in the acute exanthemata and fevers of specific type, as smallpox, measles, scarlatina, typhus, &c., until we obtain some evidence that the course of these diseases can be beneficially modified by remedies. " 10. To discountenance, as much as possible, and eschew the habitual use (without any sufficient reason) of certain powerful medicines in large doses, in a multitude of different diseases, a practice now generally prevalent and fraught with...

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