Honore de Balzac

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J.B. Lippincott, 1906 - 304 pages
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Page 280 - All things causing and being caused, aiding and being aided, I hold that it is impossible to know the parts without knowing the whole, or the whole without knowing the parts.
Page 224 - Balzac's novels, is that they are, properly speaking, neither " moral " nor "immoral", but simply what they are and what they had to be, inasmuch as they are a " representation
Page 22 - Calprenède and Madame de Lafayette onward. But if the sense of history consists in the perception of differences which distinguish epochs, in the thorough knowledge of characteristic details, and especially in the knowledge of the bearing of "manners...
Page 80 - HALF-WAY down the Rue Saint-Denis, almost at the corner of the Rue du Petit-Lion, there stood formerly one of those delightful houses which enable historians to reconstruct old Paris by analogy. The threatening walls of this tumbledown abode seemed to have...
Page 182 - ... seul et meme patron pour tous les etres organises. L'animal est un principe qui prend sa forme exterieure, ou, pour parler plus exactement, les differences de sa forme, dans les milieux ou il est appele a se developper ... (The creator used but one and the same pattern for all organized creatures. The animal is a principle which takes its external form, or, to put it more precisely, the differences of its form, from the milieux in which it is called upon to evolve . . .) ' This principle is at...
Page 215 - The only question is to know whether the novel has, like history, or has not the inherent right of representing life in its entirety.
Page 215 - I say that this — the right of representing life in its entirety — is the right, nothing more, but nothing less, that Balzac claimed ; and he forever won it for the novel. Not only has the novel the right to "represent", as does history, "life in its entirety", but this right, since Balzac, is properly its raison d'etre, and it could not be disputed without bringing back this literary form to the mediocrity of its classic character. If we accept this definition of the novel, there will hardly...
Page 275 - ... responsible agencies. Under intense local pressure, it is extremely difficult for local and state agencies to justify the allocation of scarce locally raised resources to the broad range of disciplined inquiry activities which would directly contribute to the improvement of social service and policy. For this reason, I believe that for a long time to come, If such inquiry is to take place on anywhere near the scale needed to have the desired nationwide effects, such support will have to come...
Page 193 - Opposition, was an excellent principle in the Church, because, as you have just...
Page 146 - Musset in almost all his work, including his Lorenzaccio, and with George Sand, even in her socialistic novels. And, lastly, personal literature consists in ascribing to objects the appearance that we conceive of them, without trying to rectify it, under the ridiculous pretext that we can never get out of ourselves, and that, all things existing only in the view in which we perceive them, the impressions which they produce in us consequently take all reality from them.

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