House Documents, Otherwise Publ. as Executive Documents: 13th Congress, 2d Session-49th Congress, 1st Session, 30권


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735 페이지 - SIR: — I have the honor to submit herewith my annual report for the year 1914.
905 페이지 - Where an instrument expressed to be payable at a fixed period after date is issued undated, or where the acceptance of an instrument payable at a fixed period after sight is undated, any holder may insert therein the true date of issue or acceptance, and the instrument shall be payable accordingly.
905 페이지 - Where a bill purports to be indorsed conditionally the condition may be disregarded by the payer, and payment to the indorsee is valid whether the condition has been fulfilled or not.
873 페이지 - As a means of comparison for a considerable period the following table shows the declared value of the exports from this consular district to the United States...
905 페이지 - A bill may be made payable to two or more payees jointly, or it may be made payable in the alternative to one of two, or one or some of several payees.
909 페이지 - Province of Westminster.' In Scotland, the Roman Catholic Church has (since 1878) two archbishops and four bishops. In December 1884, there were 1,259 Roman Catholic chapels and stations in England and Wales, and 305 in Scotland.
572 페이지 - There be three things which make a nation great and prosperous : a fertile soil, busy workshops, and easy conveyance for men and goods from place to place.
909 페이지 - ... highest tribunal in the church. The General Assembly, which consists partly of clerical and partly of lay members, chosen by the different presbyteries, boroughs, and universities, comprises 386 members, and meets annually in May, sitting for ten days, the matters not decided during this period being left to a commission. The dissenters from the Church of Scotland are very numerous, being estimated as comprising from one-half to two-thirds of the entire population.
376 페이지 - The real number of artieans or mechanics who have any right to the term in the true meaning of the word is very limited, and it is to be regretted that in Sierra Leone, where the people are apt to learn and tolerably quick to apply when they give care and attention, there is not a greater number of thorough workmen to teach their handicrafts and become examples to the rising generation. A youth who has been two years with a carpenter, boat-builder, blacksmith, or mason, arrogates the title to himself...
906 페이지 - The renunciation must be in writing, unless the bill is delivered up to the acceptor. (2.) The liabilities of any party to a bill may in like manner be renounced by the holder before, at, or after its maturity ; but nothing in this section shall affect the rights of a holder in due course without notice of the renunciation.

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