How Can You Love When You Don't Even Love Yourself?

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Author House, Nov 2, 2006 - Biography & Autobiography - 168 pages

In this book, it is my hope and total intent to share with all some various ideas regarding the possible whys and hows of an innocent childs desire to fill a void. The loneliness and emptiness that is in all of us. Sex and drugs were just the direction that I chose. Yet when in my life did I make this wrong turn? Or was it a series of repeated wrong turns? Please believe me that no child sets out to become a dope dealer, dope fiend, pimp, gigolo, bank robber, con artist, or prostitute. How did this all happen? Why did this all happen?

Hopefully youre reading of this progression of a young boy, innocent as a child, to become a ruthless and scandalous coldhearted individual throughout his adulthood, searching for love, truth, and happiness. We turn our noses up at the ones that we see on the street, or even in our own families. But how and when did it all get twisted like that? Seek some understanding of this madness through my misfortune before it happens to you.

If it has not already happening in your life. We cant continue to just turn and look the other way. If you cant save the world, please just help one person in your family. Because youve definitely got one in your family suffering right now!

Love you all, in JESUS name!


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Journey into the life and times of a beautiful little boy. Full of love, unlimited promise, hopes, and a world full of dreams. In a never-ending pursuit of knowledge and guidance, trying to become a man. Meet the angels that protected him, and some of the demons that haunted and endlessly pursued him. Don’t focus on the women, sex, drugs, or twisted lifestyle. Just open your eyes and hearts to this little boy’s pain and suffering, and just maybe through my tears and heartaches you just might see someone hurting close to you, or around you. I love and thank you all for taking a little of your time for looking. Until we heal all our wounds and address the entire issue together as a people; not just the pretty, but the ugly in our lives as well, people all around us are hurting every day, because they can’t and won’t allow themselves to love or even open up their heart and minds to receive love!

This is a long journey, which I am compelled to open my heart and soul to share with you. This by no means is to give honor to or glorify this life, me, others, drug usage, or anybody else but my “LORD and Savior, JESUS CHRIST.” I hope and pray that the baring of my soul and foolishness, and all the pain that I have placed on others, somehow, some way, helps to ease the pain in someone’s life; just possibly provide a little understanding in this madness, and touch just that special one that needed to be touched. “With the blood and stripes of my Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST! Amen, amen!”

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