How Consciousness Commands Matter: The New Scientific Revolution

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1st World Publishing, Oct 1, 1999 - Medical - 208 pages
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This book will inspire you to question what you've heard from the scientific experts about how the universe works and what role we play in it. For centuries, science has believed that matter is king, and the job of scientist is to measure interactions of matter, not consciousness. Based on revolutionary new developments in physics and neuroscience, including his own groundbreaking research, Dr. Farwell challenges this view. Using impeccable scientific techniques, he has proven in the laboratory that consciousness plays a commanding role in the universe. Dr. Larry Farwell (Bio) Dr. Larry Farwell is a Harvard educated former Harvard faculty member who is currently chief scientist of the Human Brain Research Laboratory. As a neuroscientist, he has conducted and published pioneering research on the interaction of consciousness and matter at the quantum-mechanical level. The well-known physicist Dr. George Farwell (his father) collaborated in this research. Dr. Larry Farwell invented a direct brain-to-computer communication system using electrical brain activity. He discovered the technique of Brain Fingerprinting to identify criminals and clear innocent suspects by measuring brain-wave responses to relevant words or pictures presented on a computer screen. CBS Evening News, ABC World News, CNN Headline News, the Discovery Channel, the New York Times, the Washington Post, US News and World Report, and television, radio, newspapers, and magazines throughout the world have featured Dr. Farwell and his discoveries. Dr. Farwell's personal philosophy is that anything is possible. He sees his scientific research as a process of discovering the unlimited possibilities available for human life. He believes that the goal of life is the full development and complete integration of mind, heart, body, and spirit. In addition to his BA, MA, and PhD in neuroscience, he is a qualified Transcendental Meditation teacher and has a black belt in kung fu.

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Brief Overview of this Book
Scientific Revolutions
Shortcomings of the Newtonian Paradigm
Chapter 2
Fundamentals of Wave Motion
To Do the Impossible Change Your Experience
The Universe as It Appears from My Back Yard and
The Collapse of the Wave Function as the Fundamental
Laboratory Experiments Testing Bells Theorem
Bells Theorem and the Structure of the Universe
The Role of Observation
To See Within the Blind Spot of the Old Paradigm
The Experience of Pure Consciousness and Its Value
Chapter 7
Chapter 8

The Integral Role of Subjective Experience in Scientific

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