How JavaScript Works

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Virgule-Solidus, Oct 18, 2018 - Computers - 280 pages
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Douglas Crockford starts by looking at the fundamentals: names, numbers, booleans, characters, and bottom values. JavaScript’s number type is shown to be faulty and limiting, but then Crockford shows how to repair those problems. He then moves on to data structures and functions, exploring the underlying mechanisms and then uses higher order functions to achieve class-free object oriented programming. The book also looks at eventual programming, testing, and purity, all the while looking at the requirements of The Next Language. Most of our languages are deeply rooted in the paradigm that produced FORTRAN. Crockford attacks those roots, liberating us to consider the next paradigm.He also presents a strawman language and develops a complete transpiler to implement it. The book is deep, dense, full of code, and has moments when it is intentionally funny. 


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This is without a doubt the finest book I have ever written.
-- Douglas Crockford, Author, How JavaScript Works

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5 How Big Rationals Work I only took the regular course Reeling and Writhing of course to begin with and then the different branches of Arithmeti...
6 How Booleans Work Truth is truth You cant have opinions about truth Peter Schickele
7 How Arrays Work Everything is numbered hereThe monster is Zero The Controller of Planet X
8 How Objects Work Have gratitude for the things youre discarding By giving gratitude youre giving closure to the relationship with that object and...
9 How Strings Work Not fair Not fair It isnt fair my precious is it to ask us what its got in its nassty little pocketses?Gollum
10 How Bottom Values Work Youre romance youre the steppes of Russia Youre the pants on a Roxy usher Im a broken doll a folderol a ...
11 How Statements Work When I nod my head you hit it with a hammerBullwinkle J Moose
12 How Functions Work The fact is that if proper procedures were available everybody would use them the advantages in their use in program cons...
19 How Purity Works The price of purity is puristsCalvin Trillin
20 How Eventual Programming Works Moe Larry The cheese Jerome Lester Horwitz
21 How Date Works When you open the door will your mystery date be a dream or a dud? Milton Bradley
any damn fool could produce a better data format than XML James Clark
23 How Testing Works Program testing can be used to show the presence of bugs but never to show their absence Edsger Dijkstra
24 How Optimizing Works More computing sins are committed in the name of efficiency without necessarily achieving it than for any other single r...
25 How Transpiling Works Im not the wunNeo
26 How Tokenizing Works Never send a human to do a machines jobAgent Smith

13 How Generators Work The present day composers refuse to die Edgard Varèse
14 How Exceptions Work No Try not Do or do notThere is no try Yoda
15 How Programs Work Greetings programs Kevin Flynn
16 How this Works I invented the term ObjectOriented and I can tell you I did not have C++ in mind Alan Kay
17 How Class Free Works And you think youre so clever and classless and freeJohn Lennon
18 How Tail Calls Work There comes a time in the affairs of man when he must take the bull by the tail and face the situationW C Fields
27 How Parsing Works Some believed we lacked the programming language to describe your perfect world But I believe that as a species human be...
28 How Code Generation Works You have to let it all go NeoFear doubt and disbelief Free your mind Morpheus
29 How Runtimes Work I know why youre here Neo I know what youve been doing why you hardly sleep why you live alone and why night after ...
30 How Wat Works Enough making fun of languages that suck Lets talk about JavaScript Gary Bernhardt
31 How This Book Works I only ask to be free The butterflies are free Harold Skimpole
Notes Music is the silence between the notesClaude Debussy

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