How Not to be a Desperate Housewife

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Pavilion Books, Nov 24, 2005 - Humor - 128 pages
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Are you a divorcee and single mum who will go to extraordinary lengths for love? Are you vulnerable and flaky at the best of times? Is your style shabby chic? Or maybe you are the opposite and you couldn't possibly leave the house without making sure you've filed, pruned and dusted, and planned the week's dinners. You're all about keeping up appearances despite what is really going on behind closed doors. Or are you an ex-career girl who is now in constant panic mode trying to run your household like the stock exchange but spending time trying to control your young children? Or are you a trophy wife? Are your walls lined with Warholesque prints of yourself. Your husband works long hours earning the pennies that pay for your diamonds and you are left alone to flirt with the gardener and concentrate on your yoga moves. And then there are the neighbours...


Divided into four parts, this book takes four stereotypical housewives: Single Mum, Alpha Wife, Stressed Out Wife and Trophy Wife. Each part reveals their personality and world – the clothes they wear, their hobbies, how they design their homes, the state of their kitchen sinks, their favourite cocktails, how they run the households, what kind of men they go for what books they read.


Each wife is offered professional advice from beauticians, fashion gurus, make-up experts, and relationship therapists to help her run her life more efficiently and improve herself so that she avoids becoming a desperate housewife.

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