How To Tip A Pool Cue: The Laymen's Guide

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AuthorHouse, Sep 1, 2003 - Sports & Recreation - 132 pages
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Murder and Deceit in RIVERTOWN, USA, is a 1930s-era novel based on an actual murder in Tiltonsville, Ohio. Involved with both the out of town syndicate and locals in a land fraud scheme, Michael Bishop, an architect turning con man in order to achieve sudden riches, arrives in town knowing he is to be set up with a cover job. Deacon Walsh mistakes him for the Methodist bishop who is also arriving that week. Since somebody came, Ezekiel, the custodian does not give Deacon Walsh the message that the real bishop has been delayed in the south of France. He doesn't want to disappoint Henrietta who thinks the bishop will change the whole town.

Lettie No and Jim, a couple trysting by the river see the first murder, but tell no one for fear their adulterous relationship will be discovered. Young David, discovers the body but tells no one because Ezekiel said, "Keep out. Ain't none of your business what's dead or alive. Let the undertaker look to the dead ones and the bishop to the live ones, if there are any. They got it all arranged like that."

When David's father beats his mother he runs to the "bishop". Michael, has not had any liquor all week so when Deacon Walsh advised, "Don't go, Tom Brown is just an old drunk," Michael replies, "He drinks you say? I'll go." Bethany Hayes is the ethereally beautiful woman who comes with Michael Bishop as his secretary, realizes she will not see Michael for the rest of the day.

Due to the postmaster's habit of steaming open the mail, the murder is solved and Ezekiel and David teach each other, and the com man, something wonderfully inspiring about life.

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