How You Get Him Is How You Keep Him

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AuthorHouse, Apr 20, 2007 - Fiction - 128 pages
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Tristan was smart, successful, attractive- and SINGLE!  She had experienced some of the worst dating woes and had grown weary of meeting the same old tired, sorry, poor-excuse-for-a-man hopefuls she met on the dating scene.  Like so many women, the failures of romance led her to submerge herself in her church, family, and career.  Her motto:  Men. Who Needs ‘Em?

 At a time in her life when she least expected love, she meets Calvin.  Calvin was passionate, exciting and super sexy.  Not to mention, his lovemaking skills left nothing to be desired.  Tristan was mulling in the lap of luxury.  Could this all be too good to be true?  Hell yes!  Before long, Tristan was caught in a tangled web of step-kids, car chases, police stakeouts, and worst of all, “Baby Momma Drama.”  In almost an instant, Tristan’s dreams of a happily ever after were marred with feuds, courtroom battles, and even a deadly car chase.  What was once a storybook romance filled with a knight in shining armor had collapsed into a world entwined with stress and madness. 

   What happens when a child raised to live by the codes of etiquette, conduct, and morality gets fed up?  She decides two can play the mad game of divide and conquer.  Two women vie for the affections of a man they feel are worth risking it all.  This becomes a fight to the end on a brutal road filled with vandalism, violence, and eventually death.  Who will reign victorious when the two decide, How You Get Him, Is How You Keep Him


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About the author (2007)


Dr. LaTisha A. Smith has always had an avid imagination.  When she is not busy working as Co-Owner of her construction business, TnT Homes, LLC, she is writing and spending time with her family.  Although her background is in education, and the majority of her work is made for the classroom context, fiction writing has been a hidden passion for the new author.  Her goal is to write books that will bring the inner laughter, emotion, and excitement out of readers and help confirm their love of literature.  Dr. Smith believes sometimes you have to step outside of what is familiar and comfortable to find what you are truly good at.  During the day, she enjoys working with children.  In the evening she appreciates the good company and conversation of her peers.  Thus, most of Dr. Smith’s fictional literature is intended for the mature, adult audience. 

A resident of St. Louis, Missouri, Dr. Smith enjoys life with her husband and two beautiful children.  She appreciates the support of her mother, grandmother, aunt, eight siblings, friends, sorors, and host of extended family and friends.  She dedicates her writings to the Smith, Gholston, Davis, James, Collins, and Vaden families.  Dr. Smith believes that belief in a Higher Power, supportive family, close friends, and a fulfilling career, makes the most wholesome and complete human beings.  In her spare time away from the joys of reading and writing, she enjoys working with youth and teaching courses as an adjunct professor.  Dr. Smith encourages everyone to follow their life’s destiny.  Her message to the world: Live life to the fullest, and write down what you discover.  Who knows, the next great story someone reads may be about you!


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