How the Chinese Eat Potatoes

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World Scientific, 2008 - Cooking - 432 pages
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Originated from the Andeans and characterized by its high nutritional value and wide adaptability, the potato is one of the most globally important crops today. It is now being planted in about 160 countries, with China as the biggest potato producer in the world, accounting for one-fourth of the world's total production. The production and consumption of potatoes in China will influence the potato industry worldwide. This book covers the origin, distribution, production, and consumption of the potato.Potatoes have been planted throughout China since their introduction 400 years ago. They have become the main staple food for many Chinese people, especially in the remote mountainous regions. Through the years, different regions have developed different cooking methods for this highly versatile vegetable. With increasing concerns over the ills of Western processed food, for example, French fries, potato dishes prepared in the Chinese way have the advantage of being healthy and diverse. This book serves to provide detailed instructions for their many methods of preparation.With 2008 declared as the United Nations International Year of the Potato, the release of this book is timely, as it encourages healthy and more varied consumption of the crop, thus advancing the potato industry forward.

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A Worldsaving Treasure Preface
The Biology of the Potato
Potato morphology
The potatos nutrition value
Special nutritional and medicine functions of potatoes
Chinese Potato Recipes
Potato Recipes from Northeast China
Braised potato with goose Da E Men Tudou
Golden shredded potato nest Jin Quechao
Golden thread with lotus Jinsi Wang Lian
Goulash with potato Tudou Shao Niurou
Grapeshaped potato dish Fengshou Putao
Mashed potatoes with pakchoi Hua Cai
Pearshaped potato Xiang Sheng Li
Potato and buckwheat pancakes Malingshu Jianbing
Potato and oat pancakes Tudou Bing IV

Cooked potato chips Peng Tudou Pian
Flavored mashed potatoes Fengwei Tudou Ni
Fried lichen and potato chips Dipi Tudou Pian
Fried potato cake I Jian Tudou Bing
Fried potato chips with green pepper Chao Tudou Pian Qingjiao
Fried potato chips with spicy cabbage La Baicai Chao Tudou Pian
Fried potato strips with garlic bolt Zha Tudou Tiao Chao Suantai
Fried shredded potato Suchao Tudou Si
Golden fried potato balls Zha Huangjin Tudou Qiu
Mashed potatoes with sauce Jiaozhi Tudou Ni
Mixed shredded potatoes Ban Tudou Song
Potato and cabbage soup Hongcai Tang
Potato balls Tudou Li Wanzi
Potato cake I Tudou Bing I
Potato salad with green vegetables Qingcai Tudou Shala
Seasoned potato strings and noodles Qiang Tudou Si Fensi
Shredded potato and bean salad San Si Bao Dou
Steamed potato and eggplant served with soy sauce Nongjia Dajiang Zheng Tudou Qiezi
Stewed potato chips with goose Tudou Gan Dun Da E
Stewed potatoes with cowpeas Tudou dun Doujiao
Stewed potatoes with curry chicken Tudou Dun Gali Ji Kuai
Stewed potatoes with eggplant in thick sauce Tudou Jiang Dun Qiezi
Stewed potatoes with yellow sturgeon Xunhuangyu Men Tudou
Stewed small potatoes I Youmen Xiao Tudou I
Stirfried potato green pepper and eggplant Di Sanxian
Potato Recipes from North China
Bagshaped oat potato pie Malingshu Tuntun
Baked potato cake Lao Malinghshu Yangzi
Black soy sauce potatoes Jiangyou Malingshu Tiao
Braised beef with potato Malingshu Shao Niurou
Braised potato pieces Hongshao Shukuai
Braised potato cabbage and tofu Malingshu Baicai Tofu
Braised potatoes Malingshu Dahuicai
Braised potatoes and cabbage Malingshu Baicai Hui Fenkuai
Braised potatoes and tofu with spareribs Malingshu tofu Dun Paigu
Braised potatoes with cowpeas and spareribs Malingshu Doujiao Dun Paigu
Braised potatoes with fishshaped oat noodles Malingshu Hui Youmian Yu
Braised sheep entrails with noodles Guozai Fentiao Yangza
Braised side pork and rape with potatoes Wuhuarou Youcai Hui Malingshu
Braised sirloin with potatoes Malingshu Dun Niunan
Braised small potato balls with oxtail Xiao Tudou Shao Niuwei
Camel palm encircled with shredded potato Tuozhang Tudou Si
Chinese chess fun Qi Qu
Cold potato strings in oil vinegar and spices Liangban Malingshu Si
Countryside tricolor potatoes Nongjia Tianyuan Sanse
Deepfried potato doughnuts Youzha Malingshu Guozi
Deepfried potato strips with tomato sauce Mizhi Shasi Tudou Tiao
Drunk potato Zuijiu Malingshu
Egg shredded bottle gourd and potato cake Jidan Hulusi Malingshu Bing
Elegant taste Ya Qu
Fishshaped potato Malingshu Yu
Fishshaped potato with fried pork fillet Guoyourou Malingshu Yu
Fishshaped potatooat flour noodles Tudou Yuzi
Flavored potato balls Fengwei Tudou Qiu
Fried chickenflavored potato Youzha Malingshu
Fried Chinese sauerkraut and noodles Suancai Chao Fentiao
Fried Chinese sauerkraut and potato chips Suancai Malingshu Tiao
Fried Chinese sauerkraut and potato slices Suancai Malinghsu Ni
Fried mashed potatoes carrots and mushrooms Jinsha Fengguang
Fried potato balls Youzha Malingshu Wanzi
Fried potato cake II Xiangjian Tudou Bing I
Fried potato slices I Youzha Malingshu Pian
Fried potato strings Youzha Malingshu Si
Fried potato strings with pickled celery cabbage and mutton fat Yangyou Suancai Malingshu Si
Fried potato strips coated with sugar Liuli Shutiao
Fried potato strips with chili Ganbian Tudou Tiao
Fried potato strips with pork Youbailuo Chao Malingshu Tiao
Fried potatoes with egg Tudou Jian Dan
Fried potatoes with soybean sprouts Tudou Chao Huangdou Ya
Fried shredded potato cake I Xiang Jian Tudou Pai
Fried shredded potato with Chinese chives and egg served with cake Malingshu Si Jiucai Jidan Dai Bing
Fried side pork with potato Wuhuarou Jian Malingshu
Handmade noodles with potatoes in an earthen pot Shaguo Malingshu Shouganmian
Hotpot potato pieces Malingshu Huoguo Pian
Hunyuan cold potato jelly Hunyuan Liangfen
Mashed garlic scallop with potato noodles Suanrong Fensi Zheng Shanbei
Min Bagu Min Bagu
Mini embroidered potato balls Mini Xiuqiu Wan
Noodles with potato and spinach Malingshu Bocai Gangsimian
Oat dumplings with potato filling Malingshu Youmian Jiaozi
Oat flourwrapped shredded potato Youmian Tuntun
Pepper oilflavored shredded potato Jiaoyou Tudou Si
Pickled Chinese cabbage with mashed potatoes Suancai Tudou Ni
Potato and millet porridge Qiangguo Malingshu Xifan
Potato and oat pancake Tudou Bing II
Potato cake II Malingshu Bing
Potato chips with fried pork fillet Guoyourou Malingshu Pian
Potato egg cake with sesame seeds Malingshu Jidan Zhima Bing
Potato Kuilei Tudou Kuilei
Potato lambsquarter goosefoot salad in vinegar sauce Malingshu Ban Huicai
Potato noodles mixed with sauce Jiachang Ban Fen
Potato noodles with needle mushrooms Malingshu Fensi Jinzhengu
Potato pie Malingshu Gao
Potato potstickers Malingshu Guotie
Potato strings with lichen Dipicai Malingshu Si
Potato strips with Japanese rhodea Wannianqing malingshu Tiao
Potatooat flour made fishlike noodles Xiangjian Tudou Roujuan
Roasted potato Kao Malingshu
Roasted potato slices Kao Malingshu Pian
Shredded potato and wild vegetables in vinegar and spices Malingshu Si Ban Yan Kucai
Shredded potato with sow thistle Malingshu Si Ban Kucai
Silver boat carries the valuables Yinzhou Zaibao
Softshell turtle encircled with small potatoes Xiao Tudou Jiayu
Spareribs with Chinese sauerkraut and mashed potatoes Paigu Suancai Malingshu Ni
Spicy diced potatoes I Xiangla Malingshu Ding
Spicy shredded potatoes Xiangla Tudou Si
Steamed abaloneshaped potato pie Su Bao Pai Fan
Steamed buns with potato and Chinese chive filling Tudou Jiucai Baozi
Steamed dumplings Zheng Jiao
Steamed fishshaped oat noodles Youmian zheng Yu
Steamed fishshaped potatoes with Chinese sauerkraut Suancai Malingshu Yu
Steamed oat rolls with potato and eggplant Malingshu Men Qiezi
Steamed potato balls Tudou Wanzi
Steamed potato cake Zheng Malingshu Yangzi
Steamed potatoes and pork balls Jing Wan Wan
Steamed potatoes I Zheng Malingshu
Stewed chicken with potato Malingshu Dun Xiaoji
Stewed chicken with potato and tofu Malingshu Tofu Dun Jiaji
Stewed pork bones with potato and squash Malingshu Wogua Dun Gutou
Stewed pork ribs with potato and squash Malingshu Wogua Dun Paigu
Stewed potatoes with chicken Xiaoji Dun Tudou
Stewed potatoes with eggplant Malingshu Men Qiezi
Stewed potatoes with pumpkin I Malingshu Dun Wogua
Stewed spareribs with potato and frozen tofu Malingshu Paigu Dong Tofu
Stirfried knifesliced noodles with potato chips and fried pork fillet Guoyourou Malingshu Pian Chao Daoxiaomian
Stirfried mashed potatoes Chao Malingshu Kuailei
Stirfried potato strips and shredded carrot Malingshu Tiao Chao Huluobo Si
Swan playing with water Tian E Xishui
Tired bird returns to the nest Juan Niao Gui Chao
Tofu soup with potato and cabbage Malingshu Baicai Tofu Tang
Translucent dumplings Boli Jiaozi
Tricolor mashed potatoes Sanse Tudou Ni
Potato Recipes from Northwest China
Baked potatoes Kao Tudou
Baked potato cake with red bean filling Tudou Dousha Bing
Black beauty potato slices Hei Meiren Yangyu
Braised assorted dishes Yulin style Yu Lin Da Huicai
Braised chicken with potato and green pepper Da Pan Ji
Braised potatoes with mutton rack Tudou Wei Yangpai
Braised potatoes with pumpkin Dun Nangua Tudou
Braised spareribs with potatoes Tudou Dun Paigu
Braised tofu with pakchoi Xiao Baicai Hui Tofu
Crisp potato balls coated with sugar Yinzhuang Suguo
Crystal mashed potato roll Yuni Shuijing Juan
Cucumber with potato noodles Huanggua Fenpi
Dark steamed potato balls Heilengleng
Deepfried potato balls covered in sesame seeds Tudou Matuan
Dongxiang county potato chips Dongxiang Tudou Pian
Fried meatballs Zha Ge Wanzi
Fried pork liver with potato Zhugan Tudou Tiao
Fried pork slices with potato Tudou Chao Rou Pian
Fried potato cake III Tudou Jianbing
Fried shredded potato cake II Tudou Tanbing III
Fried shredded potatoes with vinegar Culiu Yangyu Si
Fried stickshaped muttonpotato mash Tu Yang Jiehe Bang
Fried tofu and potatoes with green and red Pepper Jin Yu Man Tang
Potato and pumpkin sandwich Baihua Tudou He
Potato and shiitake mushroom cake Tudou Xianggu Bing
Potato bula Yangyu Bula
Potato cake III Tudou Gao
Potato chicken egg soup Tudou Jidan Geng
Potato noodles Yangyu Mian
Potato nut cake Malingshu Ganguo Gao
Potato salad Tudou Shala
Potato starch jelly Malingshu Liangfen
Potatowrapped beef rolls Tudou Niurou Juan
Rolls with potato and beef filling Tudou Niurou Bing
San zha wu pin San Zha Wu Pin
Shredded potatoes with sweet and sour sauce Yuxiang Tudou Si
Soft potato cake Yangyu Langao
Steamed potato and lichen dumplings Tudou Diruan Baozi
Steamed potato flakes mixed with flour Yangyu Caca
Steamed potato jelly Yangyu Jinjin
Steamed potatoes II Zheng Tudou
Steamed potatoes with chicken Tudou Zheng Ji
Stewed potatoes Men Tudou
Stewed sheep entrails with potato noodles Yu Lin Yang Zasui
Stirfried beef with potato noodles Niurou Chao Fen
Stirfried pork with potato noodles Zhurou Qiao Ban Fen
Strawberryfilled mashed potato cake Caomei Yuni Su
Sweet fried potato chips Huanying Tudou Pian
Three kinds of stewed vegetable balls Shao San Yuan
Xinjiang chicken and potato dish Xinjiang Da Pan Ji
Yulin three fresh delicacies Yulin Pin Sanxian
Potato Recipes from Southwest China
Baked shredded potatoes Gan Bei Yangyu Si
Birds nestshaped shredded potatoes Niaochao Shu Si
Braised potato balls with black soy sauce Hongshao Tudouqiu
Braised potatoes with duck Tudou Huang Men Ya
Braised potatoes with rice Tudou Men Fan
Braised side pork with potatoes in soy sauce Tudou Hongshao Rou
Charcoalroasted potatoes Tanhuo Kao Tudou
Chinese datefilled potato balls with honey Mizhi Nuoxiang Tudou Zao
Colorful shredded potatoes Qicai Tudou Si
Crisp potato strips I Xiangsu Shu Tiao I
Crisp potato strips II Xiangsu Shu Tiao II
Deepfried fat pork and diced potatoes Cuishao Tudou li
Deepfried potato chips Youzha Tudou Pian
Deepfried potato chips with peanuts and chili Youzha San Pin
Diced potatoes with salted egg yolk Yan Danhuang Tudou Li
Finely shredded potatoes with ginger Jiangwei Longxu Si
Fried dried potato slices Zha Gan Yangyupian
Fried green pepper and shredded potato Qingjiao Tudou Si
Fried potato chips Su Chao Tudou Pian
Fried potato chips with soy sauce Jiang Bao Tudou Pian
Fried potato pancake Qiaoshou Tuanyuanbing
Fried potato pie Youzha Shu Bing
Fried potato slices with dried pickles Gan Yancai Chao Shu Pian
Fried potato slices with sour bamboo shoots Suan Sun Chao Shupian
Fried potato strips coated with yolk Jinsha Tudou Tiao
Fried potatoes and chicken with pickled pepper Paojiao Tudou Ji
Fried potatoes and pork with pickled pepper Jiang Rou Tudou Ding
Fried potatoes with four treasures Jin Shu Hui Sibao
Fried prawn coated with fine potato strings Jinsi Fengwei Xia
Golden potato string cake Jinhuang Dousi Bing
Green onionflavored potato chips Conghua Shu Pian
Hamflavored potato strings Huotui Fengwei Tudou Si
Honeycombshaped potatoes Fengwo Tudou
Hot and spicy diced potatoes I Mala Tudou Ding
Hot and spicy diced potatoes II Xiangma Tudou Ding
Hotpot potatoes with preserved ham and radish Yi Guo Hui
Long life shredded potatoes Changshou Tudou Si
Mashed potatoes fried with fennel Huixiang Tudou Ni
Mashed potatoes in lotus leaf Heye Tudou Ni
Mashed potatoes with pine nuts Songren Tudou Ni
Mashed potatoes wrapped in sticky rice pancakes Zhibao Tudou Ni
Megranateshaped fried chicken Fugui Shiliu Ji
Minced beef in potato bowls Yi Wan Chi
Panfried potato pastry Xiangjian Tudou Bing II
Potato and chicken with chili powder Yangyu Lazi Ji
Potato chips served with Yunnan ham Yuntui Tudou Pian
Potato pancake with salted vegetables Xuecai Tudou Bing
Potato shoot salad in vinegar Liangban Shumiao
Potato shoot soup with sour bamboo shoots Suan Sun Shumiao Tang
Potato soup with pickled cabbage Suancai Tudoupian Tang
Potato string cake with five spices Wuxiang Tudou Si Bing
Potato with laver Zi Cai Tudou Bing
Potato with twicecooked pork Tudou Huiguo Rou
Potatoes cooked in tin foil Xizhi Tudou
Potatoes in soy sauce Jiang Xiang Tudou
Potatoes in soybean milk Hezha Yangyu
Roasted potatoes Kang Yangyu
Salted meat with colored potatoes Yanrou Caiyangyu
Shredded potato salad in vinegar Liangban Shu Si
Shredded potatoes with beef jerky Ganba Yanyu Si
Shredded potatoes with pickles Yangyu Si Xiancai
Silver thread noodles and potato strings Yinsi Tudou Chuan
Sizzling Potato Tieban Tudou
Softfried sliced potatoes Ruanzha Tudoupian
Sour and spicy potato chips Suanla Tudou Pian
Sour and spicy shredded potato soup Suanla Tudou Si Tang
Sour diced potato soup Shu Kuai Suan Tang
Sour pickle and chive flower potato soup Suanyancai Tudou Tang
Sour pickle and potato chip soup Suanyancai Tudou Pian Tang
Spicy and hot potatoes Xiangla Tudou
Spicy diced potatoes II Xiangla Shu Kuai
Spicy potato chips Xiangla Tudou Pian II
Spicy potato slices Xiangla Tudou Pian I
Spicy Sichuanstyle potato strings Ganbian Tudou Si
Steamed potatoes and spareribs Fen Zheng Tudou Paigu
Steamed potatoes with pickled chili Culajiao Zheng Tudou
Stewed potatoes and pork ribs with spices Xiangla Paigu Men Tudou
Stewed potatoes served in wok Ganguo Tudou
Stewed potatoes with cucurbit Xiao Gua Men Yangyu
Stewed potatoes with pumpkin II Nangua Dun Tudou
Stewed potatoes with rice Yangyu Kongganfan
Stewed silver carp soup Guiyu Zahui Tang
Stewed small potatoes II Youmen Xiao Tudou II
Stirfried potato shoots Su Chao Shumiao
Stirfried shredded vegetables Chao San Si
Street potato snacks from Yunnan Jie Bian Xiao Chi
Sweet and sour potato sandwiches Tangcu Tudou Jia
Toothpick potato diamonds Yaqian Tudoukuai
Tree tomatoflavored potatoes Shu Fanqie Fenwei Tudou Si
Westernstyle mashed potatoes Xi Shi Tudou Ni
Western Style Potato Dishes and those from Other Regions
Curry potatoes Gali Malingshu
Deepfried potato balls Cuizha Tudou Qiu
Frenchstyle mushroom and potato salad Fashi Xianggu Malingshu Shalazi
Fried countrystyle potato balls Shancun Zha Malingshu Wanzi
Fried diced potatoes and lettuce stems Chao Malingshu Wosunding
Fried egg and potato string cake Jianjidan Malingshusi Bing
Fried potato cake IV Cui Zha Tudou Bing
Fried potato slices II Zha Malingshu Pian
Fried potato strips Zha Malingshu Tiao
Fried potato strips with spicy peanuts Xiang Su Shutiao
Fried potato with jellyfish Tudou Bao Zhetou
Honey potatoes Mizhi Malingshu
Pagodashaped mashed potatoes with shiitake mushroom Xianggu Malingshu Ni Ta
Potato and egg soup Tudou Danhua Tang
Potato and vegetable salad Qingcai Malingshu Shalazi
Potato balls with ham Huotui Malingshu Wanzi
Potato dumplings Shu Jiao
Potato rolls wrapped in dried tofu Fupi Malingshu Juan
Potato sandwich with pork You Su Tudou He
Potato strings with sea cucumber Tudou Si Ban Haishen
Potatoes in hot caramel Basi Tudou
Roasted potatoes with jam Guojiang Malingshu Pai
Steamed potato strings with mashed garlic Suan Ni Tudou Si
Stewed beef with potato Tudou Shao Niunan
Stirfried potato strips with celery Shan Qin Chao Tudou
Three earthly delights JiaoDong Di Sanxian
The Development and Role of the Potato in China
Introduction of the Potato to China
Development of the Potato Industry in China after the 20th Century
Potato Production in China
Main Roles of the Potato in China
Index of all dishes
Index of the dishes for vegetarians
Index of the dishes for Muslims

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