How to Die Consciously

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Diane Goble, Oct 29, 2011 - Family & Relationships
The author had a near-death experience in 1971 and was given certain information to bring back with her to share with others. For the past 40 years she has been working in the field of death and dying as a spiritual counselor, hospice volunteer, and is the author of several books and a major NDE web site, Beyond the Veil. She recently created a training course to teach people to be Transition Guides for those who are getting ready to leave their bodies and return to their spiritual home -- according to their own beliefs. Her message is that we don't die, only our bodies die -- but we don't need them any more. Our consciousness survives the death of our body. We are beautiful spiritual beings of light on an eternal journey and shedding our skin is part of our spiritual growth and the evolution of consciousness.How to Die Consciously is a handbook for caregivers and patients offering a simple method of meditation and guided imagery practice of remembering who we really are while still in our body by practicing to die consciously before we die physically so that when we do, we are prepared and aware of what's happening when we find ourselves out of our body -- no matter how it died. This book is for every one because we are all, after all, going to die one day, but it is especially for anyone who has received a diagnosis of an illness that has even the slightest potential to cause death and for adult children caring for their aging parents. It will help you and your family have the conversations you need to have about end of life care, last wishes and quality of life and death. It will help the person leaving reconcile their life and prepare for a peaceful transition on their own terms.You'll find information about palliative and hospice care, final arrangements, and Death With Dignity laws. You'll delve into the subject of near-death experiences and the current research into the survival of consciousness, and the ancient mysteries that gave birth to our understanding of death and the afterlife. This is no ordinary book and it is guaranteed to change your life!

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CHAPTER  SIX   Why Practice the Art of Conscious Dying?
CHAPTER  SEVEN   Books of the Dead

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