How to Know When Your Man Is Up to No Good

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AuthorHouse, 2006 - Self-Help - 112 pages
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In the beginning on the sixth day God created man and said "bear rule over the animals, birds of the air and fishes of the sea". This book deals with man's GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO HUNT. It was the mastering of this activity that enabled man to first survive and then achieve the good life we now enjoy. ALL MEN ARE HUNTERS going forth and bringing food to the table is a basic urge and can not be denied. Modem man seems to be confused and ashamed of acknowledging this basic need. He passes foolish anti gun laws, no hunting allowed laws and even tries to change the word hunting prefers to call it gunning. Sensible people should acknowledge and be 'proud of the role successful hunting played in bringing man to this high point of achievement. It's this basic hunting instinct that makes a man:

1. Hunt for a job. (to bring food to the table.)

2. Hunt for a degree.(preparation for a job)

3. Hunt for a mate.

Hunting permeates all stages of man's development. As a child he plays hide and seek. This game is really preparation for the real act of adult life (hunting). As he gets older he engages in games like scavenger hunt which mimic real hunting. Hunting something successfully prepares him for the adult life.

This book will try to clear up some of the confusion that exists when ever hunting is discussed. When a group of five city folk are asked do you like to hunt? Three will say never, don't like it, and will never touch a gun. And that guns should be outlawed. These people don't even know that there are all sorts of hunting. People hunt with a camera, bow and arrow, bird watch with binoculars, hunt for wild mushrooms, wild berries, ginseng, herbs etc. The same people don't realize that they are hunting when they attend an auction or checking the stock market for a bargain.

One out of the five people will say no I don't like to hunt, but I like to fish.( He doesn't know that he is really hunting.) Fishing is hunting; it's really bringing food to the table. The prey is different because it resides in the water and the equipment used is a different.

The last one out of the five will probably say I hunt. When he is asked why he will begin reasons why he hunts. This book covers seven of the most often given excuses for going hunting. Basically this has been a man activity for about a million years. BUT NOW---a new and better hunter is on the scene.

1. She is stronger (women out live men)

2. She is richer(women control 85% of the country's wealth

3. She is better educated (60% of college students are now female and come out with better grades)

4. She has more political clout (Can out vote men soon as she becomes aware of her political power. You can expect a woman to run for President in the year 2008.

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