How to Lease Space in Shopping Centers: A Guide for Small Business Owners

iUniverse, 2003 - 140页
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This complete manual guides you through every step of leasing a space in any shopping center. Learn how the shopping center business works, how to find the best location, and how to get the best rent deal.

Find out how to:

§ Negotiate successfully with leasing agents

§ Exploit specialty leasing opportunities: carts, kiosks and temporary leases

§ Understand your total rent and negotiate a better rent deal

§ Reduce your Overage Rent or Percentage Rent

§ Understand your Common Area Maintenance (CAM) fees and see how to reduce those expensive costs

§ Avoid those hidden and expensive lease charges

§ Get those special lease clauses to protect your business investment in the future

§ Improve your chances at success with better lease terms and lower rent

Draw on the author's 20 years of experience to improve the terms of your shopping center lease. This book brings you valid and proven methods of getting better lease terms, whether you are a first-timer renting your first space, or an experienced retailer seeking ways to reduce your rent expenses on your next lease.

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