How to Start a Business and Ignite Your Life: A Simple Guide to Combining Business Wisdom with Passion

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Square One Publishers, 2012 - Business & Economics - 119 pages
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Have you ever wondered why companies such as Apple, Disney, eBay,
and Starbucks succeeded? What common factors did they—and most
other successful startups—share? Dr. Ernesto Sirolli, one of the world's
leading consultants on the topic of economic development, has the
answer: None of the entrepreneurs who founded the world's greatest
companies did it on their own. They put together an effective team that
allowed their ventures to get off the ground, flourish, and grow. And
in his new book, How to Start a Business & Ignite Your Life, Ernesto
Sirolli has written down an easy-to-follow formula for success so that
passionate people can transform their ideas into thriving businesses.
Ernesto Sirolli's approach to entrepreneurship is guided by the Trinity
of Management, a business model and philosophy based on the idea
that there are three key areas in all companies—product, marketing,
and financial management. A business has the greatest chance of
achieving long-term success when there is a team with the talent and
knowledge needed to manage each area effectively. The first half of
the book provides an overview of this concept before delving more
deeply into the three areas, highlighting various personality traits and
skills required for each role. In the second half, Dr. Sirolli explains how
these ideas can be practically applied to your startup, enabling you to
turn it into a prosperous enterprise.
Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a current business owner
looking to revitalize your company, How to Start a Business & Ignite
Your Life will give you the tools you need to make a living by simply
doing what you love.

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About the author (2012)

Dr. Ernesto Sirolli is one of the world's leading consultants and lecturers on the topic of economic development. For over thirty years, Ernesto has been teaching thousands of people around the world how to successfully start a business based upon their own personal interests. His approach has been so effective, in fact, that governments around the world have recruited him to go into economically depressed communities to teach his principles of entrepreneurship to the local population. And time and time again, he has shown that given the right direction and information, people can follow their dreams and create businesses that work. Now, in his new book How to Start a Business & Ignite Your Life , Ernesto Sirolli has written down his easy-to-follow formula for success so that anyone with an idea for a business can pursue his or her dream.

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