How to Do Business by Letter and Training Course in Business English Composition

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School of English, 1908 - Commercial correspondence - 172 pages

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Page 188 - Spaces above this line are for the Postmaster's record, to be filled in by him. Application for Domestic Money Order Spaces below to be filled in by purchaser, or, if necessary, by another person for him Amount...
Page 144 - ... without special charge therefor, when envelope or wrapper is marked "Return receipt requested." Place of Mailing. —Matter intended for parcels post must not be posted in a letter box, but must be taken to the post office and presented to the postmaster, or person in charge, for inspection.
Page 53 - A host of porpoise is called a shoal. A shoal of buffaloes is called a herd. A herd of children is called a troop. A troop of partridges is called a covey. A covey of beauties is called a galaxy. A galaxy of ruffians is called a horde.
Page 149 - Justice of the United States. To the Honorable The Secretary of the Treasury.
Page 53 - A flock of girls is called a bevy; a bevy of wolves is called a pack; a pack of thieves is called a gang; a gang of angels, a host; a host of porpoises, a shoal; a shoal of buffalo, a herd; a herd of children, a troop; a troop of partridges, a covey; a covey of beauties, a galaxy; a galaxy of ruffians, a horde; a horde of rubbish, a heap; a heap of oxen, a drove; a drove of blackguards, a mob; a mob of whales, a school; a school of worshipers, a congregation; a congregation of engineers, a corps;...
Page 144 - Rica and Mexico must not measure more than two (2) feet in length or more than four (4) feet in girth.
Page 12 - ... address should go to the end of the letter in such a case, being placed flush with the left-hand margin as when it is placed at the beginning. 14. "Dear Friend" at the beginning of a business letter is looked on as vulgar, and is not used by high-grade houses. 15. The salutation may be followed by a colon, a colon and a dash, or a comma and a dash. In this country a simple colon is looked on as the best usage, in England a comma and a dash is more common. 16. The body of the letter should begin...
Page 148 - widowed woman." Without. This word is a preposition, the corresponding conjunction being "unless." Do not say "I shall starve without he gives me some money" (should be, "unless he gives me some money"). You was. Never to be used. CHAPTER XXIII Social and Official Forms In all social and official correspondence the name and address of the person written to should be placed at the end of the letter, not at the beginning as in the case of business letters. The titles "Rev.
Page 144 - Alaska, and between any two points in Alaska, except for parcels weighing four ounces or less, on which the rate is one cent for each ounce or fraction thereof, shall be twelve cents for the first pound and twelve cents for each additional pound or fraction thereof. These rates also apply to parcels mailed in the United States for delivery in the Canal Zone, and to parcels between the Philippine Islands...
Page 53 - Distinctions in the use of collective nouns have been thus pointed out : A flock of girls is called a bevy ; a bevy of wolves a pack ; a pack of thieves a gang ; a gang of angels a host ; a host of porpoises a shoal ; a shoal of buffalo a herd ; a herd of children a troop ; a troop of partridges a covey ; a covey of beauties a galaxy ; a galaxy of ruffians a horde ; a horde of rubbish a heap ; a heap of oxen a drove ; a drove of blackguards a mob ; a mob of whales a school ; a school of worshipers...

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