How to Parse: An Attempt to Apply the Principles of Scholarship to English Grammar. With Appendixes on Analysis, Spelling, and Punctuation

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Seeley and Company, Limited, 1902
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Page 109 - Awake, awake, put on strength, O arm of the Lord; awake, as in the ancient days, in the generations of old. Art thou not it that hath cut Rahab, and wounded the dragon...
Page 170 - ... reflected clear below, While airs impregnated with incense play Around her, fanning light her streamers gay; So thou, with sails how swift ! hast reached the shore " Where tempests never beat nor billows roar ; " And thy loved consort on the dangerous tide Of life, long since has anchored by thy side.
Page 288 - To speak; whereat their doubled ranks they bend From wing to wing, and half enclose him round With all his peers: attention held them mute. Thrice he assayed, and thrice in spite of scorn, Tears, such as Angels weep, burst forth...
Page 64 - And certainly our language now used varieth far from that which was used and spoken when I was born...
Page 169 - Of locusts, warping on the eastern wind, That o'er the realm of impious Pharaoh hung Like Night, and darkened all the land of Nile; So numberless were those bad Angels seen Hovering on wing under the cope of Hell, 'Twixt upper, nether, and surrounding fires; Till, as a signal given, th...
Page 193 - Love, strong as death, the poet led To the pale nations of the dead, What sounds were heard, What scenes appear'd, O'er all the dreary coasts ! Dreadful gleams, Dismal screams, Fires that glow, Shrieks of woe, Sullen moans, Hollow groans, And cries of tortured ghosts ! But, hark!
Page 193 - The world recedes ; it disappears ! Heaven opens on my eyes ! my ears With sounds seraphic ring : Lend, lend your wings! I mount! I fly! 0 Grave ! where is thy victory? 0 Death! where is thy sting?
Page 309 - We are descended of ancient families, and kept up our dignity and honour many years, till the jack-sprat THAT supplanted us.
Page 240 - Our little habitation was situated at the foot of a sloping hill, sheltered with a beautiful underwood behind, and a prattling river before ; on one side a meadow, on the other a green. My farm consisted of about twenty acres of excellent land, having given a hundred pounds for my predecessor's goodwill.
Page 68 - In expressing expectation and in the simple future shall is used in the first person and will in the second and third persons.

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