How to turn English into good French: French composition

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116. lappuse - First, used to say, take care of the pence, and the pounds will take care of themselves.
160. lappuse - He sticketh by the port — yet will be prevailed upon to empty the remaindei glass of claret, if a stranger press it upon him. He is a puzzle to the servants, who are fearful of being too obsequious, or not civil enough, to him. The guests think "they have seen him before.
160. lappuse - He is known by his knock. Your heart telleth you " That is Mr. ." A rap, between familiarity and respect ; that demands, and, at the same time, seems to despair of, entertainment. He entereth smiling, and — embarrassed. He holdeth out his hand to you to shake, and — draweth it back again. He casually looketh in about dinner time — when the table is full.
167. lappuse - All the fairies, save one, had been bidden to his cradle. All the gossips had been profuse of their gifts. One had bestowed nobility, another genius, a third beauty. The malignant elf who had been uninvited came last, and, unable to reverse what her sisters had done for their favourite, had mixed up a curse with every blessing.
165. lappuse - These he piled up in a large open basket, and, having made choice of a very little shop, placed the basket at his feet, and leaned his back upon the wall, in expectation of customers. As he sat in this posture, with his eyes upon the basket, he fell into a most amusing train of thought, and was overheard by one VOL, 11. X Of of his neighbour-:, as he talked to himself in the following manner: ' This basket,' says he, ' cost me at the wholesale merchant's a hundred drachmas, which is all I have in...
202. lappuse - Mais vous naissez le plus souvent } .. Sur les humides bords des royaumes du vent. La nature envers vous me semble bien injuste. — Votre compassion, lui répondit l'arbuste, Part d'un bon naturel ; mais quittez ce souci ; Les vents me sont moins qu'à vous redoutables ; Je plie et ne romps pas. Vous avez jusqu'ici Contre leurs coups épouvantables Résisté sans courber le dos; Mais attendons la fin.
60. lappuse - I have been much amused with your surprise, and own that there has been some ground for your suspicions; but I have lived long and alone, and I can find ample scope for observation, even in a desert. I knew that I had crossed the track of a camel that had strayed from its owner, because I saw no mark of any human footsteps on the same route ; I knew that the animal was blind in one eye, because it had cropped...
89. lappuse - No stranger, on some occasions, to dissimulation ; which, in that perfidious court where she received her education, was reckoned among the necessary arts of government. Not insensible of flattery, or unconscious of that pleasure with which almost every woman beholds the influence of her own beauty. Formed with the qualities which we love, not with the talents that we admire ; she was an agreeable woman, rather than an illustrious Queen.
57. lappuse - I then came home and went whistling all over the house, much pleased with my whistle, but disturbing all the family. My brothers and sisters and cousins, understanding the bargain...
128. lappuse - AND this, said he, putting the remains of a crust into his wallet and this, should have been thy portion, said he, hadst thou been alive to have shared it with me. I thought by the accent, it had been an apostrophe to his child; but 'twas to his ass, and to the very ass we had seen dead in the road, which had occasioned La Fleur's misadventure. The man seemed to lament it much; and it instantly brought into my mind Sancho's lamentation for his; but he did it with more true touches of nature!

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