How Women May Earn a Living

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Macmillan, 1900 - Women - 342 pages

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Page 343 - ... is here presented to the eye, and faithfully pictured in words. The volume is a fascinating one, and the vast army of admirers and students of the olden days will be grateful to the author for gathering together and putting into permanent form so much accurate information concerning the homes of our ancestors.
Page 236 - Tis pleasant, sure, to see one's name in print; A book's a book, although there's nothing in't.
Page 343 - The work is mainly and essentially an antiquarian account of the tools, implements, and utensils, as well as the processes of colonial domestic industry ; and it is full enough to serve as a moderate encyclopaedia in that kind.
Page 12 - Caste is not lost by earnest employment ; the world of society is not cruel enough to turn a woman off because she has taken up a serious and obvious duty, but she, on her part, needs her time and strength for her work, and so there comes divergence of interest and a separation from all save the choicest friends. But the compensation lies in this, that the pleasures of labor are keener than those of indolence, and the lives of workers are full and rich past comprehending by the uninitiated.
Page 161 - These are only a few of the things that can be done to motivate the learner.
Page 51 - Apart from this are the offices where piece work is done. A few years ago this was unquestionably the way to earn the most money, but times have changed, owing of course to the general practice prevailing among business men of considering a typewriter as part of the office equipment. But it is nevertheless impossible and undesirable for all to take positions, and such as these open offices or do work at home.
Page 224 - Now, where shall that woman go who is not satisfied to have her shirt-waists or her bonnets repeated on the shoulders and heads of the wives of Tom, Dick, and Harry ? Where shall she go to find tasteful, exclusive styles at a moderate cost ? The woman who answers this question by the goods in her little shop speaks eloquently to a large and eager audience. "If I should fail in my business," said the head of one of the boudoir-like shops, " I should know it was my own fault.
Page 169 - In appearance they were as knotted and toil-worn as "the Man with the Hoe." Their faces showed exposure to the weather and looked like one of the potatoes grown on their farms. They managed in each case to support themselves and a family of children, but it was at the sacrifice of every refined surrounding and every old association ; they had, in fact, become metamorphosed into laboring men.
Page 329 - As long ago as 1840, when Ferraro was the fashionable dancing-master of New York, he had as assistant his graceful wife, who, with her slim ankles exposed to the interested gaze of the pupils, instructed the gilded youth of the day to dance. In these latter days we hear of women who make dancing a means of earning money, if not enough for actual support, at least a sum which ekes out a small income.
Page 226 - Advice from the right quarter is good, and yet some noted business successes have come to women who have made their venture against advice. But it is safe to say that an able woman who has the courage to risk involving herself in debt and of bringing the consequences of failure upon those she loves, possesses the qualities of mind that would insure success in anything she might undertake.

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