Hui Muslims in China

Gui Rong, Hacer Zekiye Gönül, Zhang Xiaoyan
Leuven University Press, 15 sep. 2016 - 200 pagina's
Introduction to Hui ethnic diversity in China
As yet very little academic research has been done into the Hui people, a predominantly Muslim ethnic group in China. With particular attention to the Yunnan district community, this collection of contributions skilfully presents a wealth of information on Hui Muslims and introduces readers to the issues of Hui ethnic diversity in China. Reviewing the many aspects of the religious, educational and cultural life of Hui Muslims in China, the authors provide an ethnography in which becomes clear how traditional institutions and everyday life are adapted to local customs with respect to the Islamic identity. At the same time, the relationship between the China Republic and the Hui, an official minority of China, is discussed thoroughly.

Lesley R. Turnbull (New York University), Liang Zhang (Yunnan University), Ross Holder (Trinity College Dublin), Aaron Glasserman (Columbia University), Frauke Drewes (University of Münster), Chuang Ma (Yunnan Open University), Yu Feng (Yunnan University), Suchart Setthamalinee (Puyap University)

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Hui Muslims in China
A Comparative Study on the Effects
Ethnic Bias in the New Curriculum
Changes of Intermarriage Circle of the Pashi Dai Muslims in
Embodiment of Islamic Knowledge and Lifestyle A Case
Role of Ethnic Community of Hui Students in Internal
Being Chinese and Being Muslim Portrayals of
Erkan Toguslu KU Leuven Hacer Z Gönül Peking University

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Over de auteur (2016)

Gui Rong is researcher at and Deputy Director of Yunnan University Museum of Anthropology.
Hacer Zekiye Gönül is PhD candidate of the Sociology Department at Peking University.
Zhang Xiaoyan is a research associate at the Yunnan University Museum of Anthropology.

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