Human Behavior in the Macro Social Environment

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Cengage Learning, Feb 12, 2010 - Education - 528 pages
Author Karen Kirst-Ashman provides students with a comprehensive overview of human behavior in macro settings. The detailed text encourages students to think critically about how macro systems affect human behavior and ultimately, the practice of social work. The updated text focuses on empowerment -- building on the strength of communities, organizations, and groups to promote change. Kirst-Ashman's new edition offers an greater coverage on social work cases in rural areas, feminist theory, the dynamics of gender-based power in organizations, and expanded discussion of spirituality in macro social work. HUMAN BEHAVIOR IN THE MACRO SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT: AN EMPOWERMENT APPROACH TO UNDERSTANDING COMMUNITIES, ORGANIZATIONS, AND GROUPS helps students learn how to promote positive change by building upon the strengths of macro systems -- taking you straight to the heart of what social work is all about.
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Values and Principles that Guide Generalist Practice in the Macro Social Environment
Human Behavior in Groups Theories and Dynamics
Types of Groups in the Macro Social Environment
Knowledge and Theories about Organizations
Social Service Organizational Settings Goals and Environmental Contexts
Organizational Structure and Dynamics
Human Behavior Management and Empowerment in Organizations
Communities in the Macro Social Environment Theories and Concepts
Assessment of Geographic Communities and Empowerment
Neighborhood Empowerment
Diversity PopulationsatRisk and Empowerment in the Macro Social Environment
Social Justice and the Global Community
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Karen K. Kirst-Ashman, BSW, MSSW, and PhD, was a full professor and a former chairperson in the Social Work Department at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, where she taught for 28 years. She is certified as a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Wisconsin and has worked as a practitioner and administrator in child welfare and mental health agencies. She received the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater's Excellence in Teaching Award in 1986 and its Outstanding Teaching Award in 2007. She has been a member of the board of directors of the Council on Social Work Education in addition to being an accreditation site visitor, and is a current member of BPD and NASW. She has served on the editorial board of Affilia: Journal of Women and Social Work, and as a consulting editor for many social work journals, including the Journal of Social Work Education. She is the author of numerous publications, articles, and reviews concerning social work and women's issues. Other books she has authored or coauthored include INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL WORK AND SOCIAL WELFARE: CRITICAL THINKING PERSPECTIVES (5th ed); HUMAN BEHAVIOR IN THE MACRO SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT: AN EMPOWERMENT APPROACH TO UNDERSTANDING COMMUNITIES, ORGANIZATION, AND GROUPS (4th ed); GENERALIST PRACTICE WITH ORGANIZATIONS AND COMMUNITIES (5th ed); THE MACRO SKILLS WORKBOOK (2nd ed); and UNDERSTANDING GENERALIST PRACTICE (8th ed).

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