Humanity's Greatest Leap: The Significance and Potential of Feasible Interstellar Space Travel

Front Cover
Pickrell Law Group, P.C., 2021
Humanity's Greatest Leap bridges the gap between science fiction and science reality. As explained in this short book, humans are able to travel safely to nearby stars.The author describes a technology - matter/anti-matter space propulsion - that makes interstellar space travel possible. Based on recent scientific discoveries in the United States and Germany, the author explains, for a general audience, how a matter/anti-matter rocket engine works. As well, the author argues for a global endeavor to make space travel a reality.

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About the author (2021)

Mark Pickrell is a lawyer and entrepreneur in Nashville, Tennessee. In 2020, he published a scientific article in the Journal of Space Exploration on the topic of matter/anti-matter space propulsion. Humanity's Greatest Leap was written to explain matter/anti-matter for a general audience. The book explains, as simply as possible, the science in Mark's original article and describes how, and even why, to make travel to nearby stars a reality. The book is a philosophical argument for a global endeavor to make interstellar space travel a reality.

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