Hungarians in the American Civil War

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24. oldal - He paused — no one was sick or tired. ' We must not retreat. Our honor, the honor of our General and our country, tell us to go on. I will lead you. We have been called holiday soldiers for the pavements of St. Louis ; to-day we will show that we are soldiers for the battle. Your watchword shall be — " The Union and Fremont !
24. oldal - Maythenyi with thirty men is ordered to attack the cavalry. With sabres flashing over their heads, the little band of heroes spring towards their tremendous foe. Right upon the centre they charge. The dense mass opens, the blue coats force their way in, and the whole Rebel squadron scatter in disgraceful flight through the cornfields in the rear. The bays follow them, sabring the fugitives.
24. oldal - Maythenyi disappears in the cloud of rebel cavalry ; then his voice rises through the air: "In open order — charge ! " The line ..opens out to give play to their sword-arm. Steeds respond to the ardor of their riders, and quick as thought, with thrilling cheers, the noble hearts rush into the leaden torrent which pours down the incline. With unabated fire the gallant fellows press through. Their fierce onset is not even checked. The foe do not wait for their,—- they waver, break and fly.
38. oldal - In the second battle of Bull Run, August 29 and 30, 1862...
10. oldal - ... the same time diverse, distinct, and discordant. The empire is therefore largely destitute of that element of nationality which is essential to the establishment of free intercourse with remote foreign States. This absence of nationality is observable in the Austrian emigration to the United States. We meet everywhere here, in town and country, Italians, Hungarians, Poles, Magyars, Jews, and Germans, who have come to us from that empire, but no one has ever seen a confessed Austrain among us....
23. oldal - ... company, composed of the very flower of the youth of Kentucky, tendered its services, and requested to be added to the Guard. Zagonyi was still overwhelmed with applications, and he obtained permission to recruit a fourth company. The fourth company, however, did not go with us into the field. The men were clad in blue jackets, trousers, and caps. They were armed with light German sabres, the best that at that time could be procured, and revolvers ; besides which, the first company carried carbines....
36. oldal - August ii he was assigned to the temporary command of the Second Corps. He had thus in two years, without influence other than the recommendations of his commanding officers, fairly fought his way from the command of a regiment to that of an army corps. His first important service in this grade occurred in Lee's flank march upon Centreville, in October, 1863. On the night of the...
50. oldal - conceived the idea of sending to Europe, in an unofficial capacity, three representative and influential men to meet the impending danger of foreign intervention. He chose for this mission Archbishop Hughes, Bishop Mcllvaine and Mr.
12. oldal - These are impressive figures, but it is to be borne in mind that they do not take account of the numerous re-enlistments.
38. oldal - ... in 1797, and in 1798 was ordered to India. He was engaged at Seringapatam, and in 1810 took part in the expedition against Mauritius. In 1813 he was promoted major, and in 1815 he returned to England with his regiment. He served in the expedition against Burma in 1824; in 1838 became brevet-colonel and was placed in command of a brigade in the army of the Indus. In the war with Afghanistan which followed Sale played an important part. He became majorgeneral in 1840; was in command of the army...

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