Hybrid Training: The Most Powerful Secret in Fitness

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Price World Publishing, Feb 1, 2012 - Health & Fitness
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Have you ever wondered how to REALLY maximize every single moment of every single rep of every single set to build muscle and strength FASTER? Standard exercise technique is NOT the answer!

If you're interested in maximum strength and muscle-building, standard-form reps are NOT the most efficient way to train. Regular reps don't optimize muscle tension from start to finish. Hybrid training does! Hybrid Training is THE single most powerful and ''outside the box'' fitness and muscle building technique ever developed. This book will have you using multiple types of resistance AT THE SAME TIME to more fully work the target muscle with NO ADDITIONAL EFFORT.

If you're serious about your training, you NEED the information in this book. It's going to save you days, months, and even YEARS of wasted time and effort.


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Cable or Band Barbell Shrugs
CableBarbell Preacher Curls
Standing CableBarbell Curls
1 Arm Facing Away CableDumbell Curls
CableDumbell Incline Curls
Standing Vertical Band Barbell Curls
CableBarbell Lying Tricep Extensions
Band Parallel Bar Dips

Diagonal Band Pressing
Band PushUps
Band Dumbell Pressing
CableBand CrossOvers
CableBarbell Rows
CableDumbell Rows 1 Arm and 2 Arm
CableBarbell Deadlifts
Cable ChinUps
Band Barbell Deadlifts From Above and Below
Seated Band and Cable Rows
Band Assisted Pulldowns
Band Assisted ChinUps and 1 Arm ChinUps
CableBarbell Hyperextensions
CableDumbell Shoulder Press
CableDumbell Lateral Raise
Band Barbell Shoulder Press From Above and Below
CableDumbell Overhead Tricep Extensions
Band Close Grip Presses Above and Below
Band Pushdowns
CableBarbell Crunches
CableBarbell Curl Squats
Hip Belt Lateral CableBand Squats
DumbellMachine Leg Curls
CableBarbell Stiff Legged Deadlifts
Band Barbell Squats Above and Below
Cable or Band Split Squats
Seated Band Leg Curls
Band Leg Press
CableDumbellMachine Calf Raises
BandMachine Calf Raises
OneLegged BandDumbell Seated Calf Raises

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Nick Nilsson, "The Mad Scientist" of the fitness world, is a renowned personal trainer, body builder, and professional fitness writer who has written for Men's Fitness, Reps Magazine, Muscle & Fitness and hundreds of fitness websites all over the internet. He is recognized throughout the fitness world as an innovator and pioneer of groundbreaking methods for building muscle and strength fast. His degree in physical education covers advanced biomechanics, physiology and kinesiology.

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