Hygienic Laboratory bulletin. no. 95-100, 1914, Issues 95-100

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1914

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Page 27 - Report No. 3 on the origin and prevalence of typhoid fever in the District of Columbia.
Page 509 - Rosenau. *No. 20. — A zoological investigation into the cause, transmission, and source of Rocky Mountain "spotted fever.
Page 518 - Columbia, or from any foreign country into the United States, or from the United States into any foreign country, any virus, therapeutic serum, toxin, antitoxin, or analogous product applicable to the prevention and cure of diseases of man, unless (a) such virus, serum, toxin, antitoxin, or product has been propagated and prepared at an establishment holding an unsuspended and unrevoked license, issued by the Secretary of the Treasury...
Page 119 - SERVICE. The Hygienic Laboratory was established in New York, at the Marine Hospital on Staten Island, August, 1887. It was transferred to Washington, with quarters in the Butler Building, June 11, 1891, and a new laboratory building, located in Washington, was authorized by act of Congress, March 3, 1901.
Page 58 - The limitations of formaldehyde gas as a disinfectant with special reference to car sanitation.
Page 76 - The conduct of phenolphthalein in the animal organism. A test for saccharin, and a simple method of distinguishing between cumarin and vanillin. The toxicity of ozone and other oxidizing agents to lipase.
Page 58 - No. 23. — Changes in the Pharmacopoeia of the United States of America. Eighth Decennial Revision. By Reid Hunt and Murray Gait Motter.
Page 508 - No. 13. — A statistical study of the intestinal parasites of 500 white male patients at the United States Government Hospital for the Insane; by Philip E. Garrison, Brayton H. Ransom, and Earle C. Stevenson. A parasitic roundworm (Agamomerims culicis ng, n. sp.) in American mosquitoes (Culex sollicitans); by Ch. Wardell Stiles. The type species of the cestode genus Hymenolepis; by Ch.
Page 76 - No. 21. — The immunity unit for standardizing diphtheria antitoxin (based on Ehrlich's normal serum). Official standard prepared under the act approved July 1, 1902. By MJ Rosenau.

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