Iii Wars Trilogy: Book 1: Visions

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Author House, Jul 19, 2010 - Fiction - 544 pages
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It was the last image however, taking shape just before the entrance to his treasure room, that shook Thirds very soul and filled him with more terror and dread he had ever felt before. An imposing human warrior stood barring Thirds entrance into his destiny of power and fame. The man stood resolute in his battle ready stance, and Third felt as though he was seeing death incarnate. The warrior held a metallic rod in one gauntleted hand and a shield at the defensive ready in the other. A single stonework battle tower was emblazoned upon the circular shield. Somehow, Third knew that he would forever remember this warriors determined face.

Third tried to focus his mind to remove the vision, but it remained. He tried to slow his drifting approach toward the warrior, but he couldnt. Some force was compelling them to each other.

With calculating eyes the warrior sensed his presence and raised his battle rod to strike. An aqua-blue hue enveloped the metal rod as it shimmered, transformed, and lengthened into a long sword. Flames burst to life over the entire surface of the gleaming blade as the terrifying warrior raised it high overhead. With his shield held in perfect defense he lunged forward and slashed the blazing sword downward into Thirds mind.


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About the author (2010)

Born and raised in the quiet Midwestern town of Flat Rock, Michigan, John is the youngest of four children of James H. and Gaetane T. Thompson. Blessed with an interesting heritage of horse liberating Confederates from his fathers family and hearty French-Canadian stock from his mothers family, John developed a love for history, reading, the outdoors, and travel, just to name a few.

As an enlisted machinist mate in Uncle Sams greater canoe club (the US Navy), John sailed the high seas of the Pacific and Indian Oceans onboard the USS Hector AR-7. It was during some of his down time at sea and ashore, in which he enjoyed hilariously rousing D&D adventures with several of his shipmates, chief among them his best friends Tim and Matt (Digger). John later served as an Infantry Officer in the Michigan Army National Guard and received his Bachelors degree in Business from Eastern Michigan University.

With travels to over twenty countries and almost all of the states, Johns civilian work experiences include some of the following; newspaper boy; a swimming instructor, custodian, security (bouncer) at some local watering holes; traumatic brain injury facility house manager; selling cars; a computer software instructor; chaperoning international travel groups; manager of a law office; a restaurant manager; and a building facilities supervisor. Currently, John resides in Michigan and is a supervisor with the University of Michigan Hospitals Security and Entrance Services Department.

This is his first novel and it is a mixture of all the above, along with some other life experiences and a generous dose of imagination, that are the basis for his tales. Enjoy!

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