I Am Not a Slave

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As a Westindian whose ancestors arrived in the Virgin Islands in 1859, I was hoping to read an enlightening book about my ancestral home and the changes that have taken place. It was a very difficult read written by someone with a typical Virgin Islands education. The many grammar errors caused the reader to have to reread in order to get the idea trying to be portrayed. Tenses were wrong and sentence writing was horrendous. This book is written by a typical person trying to be more literate than he really is. Save your money. 

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This book although to some perfectionist would seem as if it is not well written is a book that reflects our community and what we have become as African, Westindian, Americans. We are not where we should be in the struggle. We have made many strides in our stuggle, we have attained things that many may not have thought possible in years past. We are still repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Mr. Lacorbiniere's books outlines perfectly the struggle as it is. We are slaves not to white masters but to the slave way of thinking, or should I say the way we have been trained to think. That we are free and can do just what we want to do with out thinking about the consequences or the reprocussions of our actions. Speaking from experience this book made me take a hard look at myself, not at others in my family or in my community although I was able to see the relivance of what was being said about the community. Too often we neglect to relate how we are today with how we were left yesturday. The detatchment of our families, the violence and destruction of your youth, the inability for us to come together as a people with one voice to bring about positive change, our inability to see one of our own doing well and not find ways to discredit that person or bring that person down. We have come a long way and we should be very proud of our accomplishments we have attained. We have further to go not to be like any other culture or people but to realize our full potential.  

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