I Believe in You

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Xlibris Corporation, Oct 1, 2005 - Biography & Autobiography - 126 pages
The Darkness Web of Susan, Christine and Saxonae

As you look at these distinctly different people you can clearly see all the rage and malice and their individualism as they express themselves through Cheryl. Susan is the business woman, she has a gaze of fatality and aloofness that sends a very clear message that she is not to be "f---ed with!"

Christine is the tomboy, ruff neck, cut throat! Always armed with a quasi smile, she demolishes men. Saxonae is the sexy seductress. Alluring, and cunning, to brothers, cousins, uncles, nephews, fathers, and sons. Her sexuality is her weapon and a mans doggish desire to conquer that which he not only cant handle but is incapable of understanding is what she profits from.

Trauma, despair, revenge; once deliberating, it only took seconds for her to act when facing this. All along mixed up there arose in her mind the creation of hatred for male species which included her in a black hole. A canal she'd be [all three personalities that belong to her] stuck in for years, and only when she found God would she truly be able to see The Light.

The Darkness Web
New Book deals with personal trauma and the multi-personality syndrome
Highland Parks, MI Tragedy and sadness are truly parts of life. People who suffered from such setbacks take a long time to recover while others don't bounce back at all. In the view of author C. Angel Harris, anyone can put an end to their suffering, rise and free themselves with truth and inspiration. These are the themes that await readers as Xlibris releases her compelling new book I Believe In You.

In I Believe In You, the author talks about what it is truly like to be stuck in a black hole for twenty-three years, imprisoned inside herself because of trauma, despair and revenge. Her suffering is reflected through four women: Cheryl (malice), Susan (fatality), Christine (harm) and Saxonae (seduction). The story shows how these women badly influence the people around them and cause a spirit of hatred against men.

Traumatized by great setbacks in her life, the author found herself isolated and her heart filled with sadness until one day, she started reading the Holy Bible, reflected deeply with it , found God and realized that exposure is the true way to freedom. Soon enough, she broke free from her web of darkness and has since lived her life redeemed, reformed and reinvigorated.

I Believe In You is a book that deals with not only personal trauma but it also studies the multiple personality syndrome. The characters of the book represent the multi-personalities that plague each and everyone of us, which is the direct result of trauma and personality damage. Lastly the book explains that the truth is whether you believe it or not and in the end, readers will realize the exposure is the way to freedom. Be sure to get a copy of this dramatic book online at Xlibris.com today!

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C. Angel. Harris the writer of this empirical theme was homebred at Detroit, Mi since 1967. Like many in the USA she's trained at Business of numerous occupations. When she was young she was a part time performer, tutor, and sales. A self employed dreamer who brought her dream to reality. Beginning with Angels Hosiery to Angels Fashions and More. She attended the learning institute of Hard Knocks. And received her masters degree in sales. For 16 years she maintain to hold her clientele from the dream of Angels. She currently manages her own office offering the services of Home Mortgages and assists her partner in Tax services. She studies and teaches the Word of God through her prison ministry.

I Believe In You * by C. Angel Harris
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