I.C.A.S.S.P. Proceedings, Volumes 1-6

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IEEE Service Center, 1992 - Technology & Engineering - 3820 pages
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New Uses for the NBest Sentence Hypotheses II T Yamada S Matsunaga K Shikano NTT Human
Models with Applications to Large Techniques for Improving the Quality of LD 141
Recognition Using Allophonic Models P Hedelin Chalmers Univ of Tech Sweden
TimeScale Modification of Speech Using an 181
Incremental TimeFrequency Approach with RealTime Robust Pitch Detector 1129
Univ China France
L Hirschman MIT USA
R Rohlicek D Ayuso M Bates R Bobrow
J Fussell Dept of Defense USA Continuous Probabilistic Acoustic Map for 11161
Algorithm for the Segmentation of Speech Univ of Wisconsin USA
Analyses of the Genetic Algorithms in the H265 Univ of Southern California USA J Proakis
Reduction Using Recursive Least Squares Tennessee State Univ USA
J Hwang Univ of Washington USA Model and a Recurrent SelfOrganizing
A Neural Tree Architecture for Phoneme 11345 Anisotropic Edge Detection Using Mean Field 11393
Nonlinear Neural Network Filters for Image 11373 Source Localization

Cooccurence Smoothing for Stochastic 1161 Efficient Grammar Processing for a Spoken 1213
Language Processing An Improved Approach to the Hidden 1233
Telephone Channel Normalization for 1261 Robust Estimation of AR Parameters and Its 1309
Y Ephraim ATT Bell Labs USA Candidates LCELP T Miyano M Serizawa J Takizawa S Ikeda
Speech Enhancement Using State Dependent 1289
Soon Univ of Notre Dame USA L Tong Mixture Excitations and FiniteState CELP 1345
Predictor Codebooks for SpeakerIndependent 1353
HMM Based Speech Recognition System A Segmentbased Speaker Adaptation Neural 1433
Unsupervised Information TheoryBased 1393 Adaptive Speech Recognition
SpeakerIndependent Phoneme Recognition 1409 on Feature Mapping from Spectral Domain
Fast Speaker Adaption Combined with SOFT 1461 Hidden Markov Models Using Vector Linear 1509
F Class A Kaltenmeier P RegelBrietzmann P Woodland Cambridge Univ UK
Speaker Normalization for Speech Recognition 1465 MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS
Number of Speakers On the Performance of Polynomial and HMM 1513
Picheny IBM T J Watson Res Ctr USA for Research and Development
J Gauvain C Lee ATT Bell Labs USA C Chan J Wu Univ of Hong Kong Hong Kong
Independent Phoneme Recognition
HMM Speech Recognisers
S Young Cambridge Univ UK Expanding the Vocabulary of a Connectionist 1605
ISADORA Speech Recognizer X Driancourt P Gallinari Univ of Paris
Consonants Using Hidden Markov Models Connectionist WordLevel Classification in 1621
On Separating Amplitude from Frequency II1 Implementation of Waveform Files for 1141
A Hybrid Neural Network Dynamic 1177 D Lin International Mobile Machines USA
On the Optimization of SpatioTemporal 11445 Focusing Matrices for Wideband Array 11493
Maximum Likelihood Localization of 11489 R Vaccaro Univ of Rhode Island USA
A New FineFrequency Estimation Algorithm 11541 Resolving the Components of Transient 11553
Neural Network Recognition of Textured 11177 SHAPE ANALYSIS
Neural Network
Toeplitzplus Hankel Systems Univ China
Space Scale Analysis for Image Sampling and III165
High Resolution Image Reconstruction from III169 Architecture for the RealTime 111225
Coded Image
Image and Video Compression
A New Approach to Identify the Nature of the III285
Joint SourceChannel Vector Quantization 111377 A New Method for NonOrthogonal III425
Optimal TwoDimensional Recursive Digital t Washington USA
ThreeSource Boundary Interpolating Image III489 NTT Transmission Systems Labs Japan
Sequence Coding
Segmentation and Mapping of Highly 111569 A New Algorithm for Extracting Fetal ECG 111585
S Alexander North Carolina Stale Univ USA Transversal Adaptive Filters with Application
Coupled Adaptive Prediction and System IV1 T Petillion A Gilloire CNET France
Multimedia SelfStudy Courses in DSP and IV73 Effects of Convolution on Chaotic Signals IV133
Continuous and Self Education In Adaptive
TimeVarying Frequency Tracker with IV181 LMS Algorithm

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