I.C.A.S.S.P. Proceedings, Volumes 1-6

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IEEE Service Center, 1992 - Technology & Engineering - 3820 pages
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Quadratic Detectors for General Nonlinear II9 Optimization of Intonation Control Using 1149
Y Gu Eindhoven Univ of Tech Netherlands R Luk R Damper Univ of Southampton UK
A Hybrid Neural Network Dynamic 1177 D Lin International Mobile Machines USA
and Noise Immunity Learning Y Hussain N Farvardin Univ of Maryland USA
Recognition Application D Rowe P Seeker Univ of Wollongong Australia
Performance Evaluation of Analysisby II117 B Tseng MIT USA F Soong A Rosenberg
NonLinear Vectorial Interpolation for 11173 An AnalysisSynthesis Approach to RealTime II221
An Integrated SpeechBackground Model for 11185
Cooccurence Smoothing for Stochastic 1161 Efficient Grammar Processing for a Spoken 1213
8kbs CELP Coding Using Two
Del prat C Gruet F Dervaux MATRA Comm
Excitation Modeling Based on Speech 1333
Predictor Codebooks for SpeakerIndependent 1353
Training Algorithms for Multilayer Neural O Schmidbauer Siemens AG Germany J Tebelskis

Siu G Yu H Gish BBN Systems and A Broadband PseudoCascade Active Control 11233
A LowCost Adaptive Transform Decoder II193 Systems Based on an Adaptive IIR Filter
Reduction Using Recursive Least Squares Tennessee State Univ USA
S Bannour M AzimiSadjadi Colorado State
J Hwang Univ of Washington USA Model and a Recurrent SelfOrganizing
A Neural Tree Architecture for Phoneme 11345 Anisotropic Edge Detection Using Mean Field 11393
H Bourlard L H Speech Products Belgium N J Hwang H Li Univ of Washington USA
R Watrous Siemens USA Implantation of HighResolution Method in a 11413
Nonlinear Neural Network Filters for Image 11373 Source Localization
On the Optimization of SpatioTemporal 11445 Focusing Matrices for Wideband Array II493
DETECTION CLASSIFICATION Expansions for Broadband Array Processing
Further Results on Tradeoffs Between 11453 Estimate with Respect to Reference Channel
DopplerScaled Multipath Propagation J Jachner H Lee Atlantic Aerospace Electronics
Impulsive Noise Estimators
A New FineFrequency Estimation Algorithm 11541 Resolving the Components of Transient 11553
New Uses for the NBest Sentence Hypotheses 11 T Yamada S Matsunaga K Shikano NIT Human
Dependent Phonetic HMM and an Efficient Univ of Warsaw Poland
Fast Speaker Adaption Combined with SOFT 1461 Hidden Markov Models Using Vector Linear 1509
F Class A Kaltenmeier P RegelBrietzmann P Woodland Cambridge Univ UK
Improved Acoustic Modeling with Bayesian 1481 Static Representation of Speech Dynamics for 1529
Independent Phoneme Recognition
Efficient Allophone Modeling H Lucke F Fallside Cambridge Univ UK
Recognition of Demisyliable Based Units Using 1581 H C Leung I Hctherington V Zue MIT USA
Consonants Using Hidden Markov Models Connectionist WordLevel Classification in 1621
VaenumberDomain SAR Focusing from a IIII Components of Homogeneous Random Fields
Neural Network Recognition of Textured 11177 SHAPE ANALYSIS
Modeling and Correction of Artifacts Due to 11 IS? Dearborn USA D G Daut Rutgers Univ USA
Neural Network
Toeplitzplus Hankel Systems Univ China
Space Scale Analysis for Image Sampling and IH165
High Resolution Image Reconstruction from III169 Architecture for the RealTime 111225
for HDTV Systems T Denney J Prince Johns Hopkins Univ USA
Coded Image
Image and Video Compression

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