I Found God in Hollywood

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iUniverse, 2009 - Biography & Autobiography - 268 pages
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"I Found God In Hollywood", is a collection of 98% true stories, that are charged, and intended to be humorous. However, if the lucky reader finds that they learn something about themselves, or have a spiritual epiphany, then I guess that would be a good thing. This is an autobiographical book of funny stories, from the perspective of a musician, and pot head who goes to Hollywood to find fame and fortune and ends up with a spiritual awakening. Go figure. Sometimes God has a better plan than we do.

The book is organized into four sections. The first is a collection of 8 stories from High School. You know High School was, a lot of stress, and fun, and trouble, and big changes. My time in High School was during 1978 through 1982. The end of the 70's and the beginning of the 80's. What's so great about High School stories? Nothing really, if you had a boring, safe life. Everything, if you were me. Read on and see for yourself.

The next obvious section is about college life. Boston was a great time to go to school in the 80's. Lots of good material there. But don't take my word for it. Read it and find out for yourself!

After college came, you guessed it: Hollywood! Wouldn't that be a logical choice if you were a musician and pot head? Yup. Hollywood had hot chicks, great music scene, and good weed. Little did our humble here know what would happen next.

Lastly, the fourth section is about Hollywood AFTER, Cliff gets sober. A much different reality, let me tell you. If you think Hollywood was psychedelic ON drugs, just imagine what its like SOBER! Much more trippy of a scene. Trust me on that one.

So, this book is a collection of whacky, funny, rock n roll, stoner stories that have meaning, depth and dare I say profound spiritual implications. You don't have to go to Tibet and sit with the Dali Lama to find the mysteries of the Universe. Because quite frankly, NO ONE knows the mysteries of the Universe, including me. But, the bottom line is this: if you are interested in truth, honesty, integrity, virtue, prudence, humility...then, you can find that where ever you are. It just strikes me as a little odd, and interesting, that I just happened to have found God In Hollywood!

One more thing, the illustrations in the book are really funny too. I think the illustrations are sort of a cross between Salvador Dali, Picasso, and Mad Magazine.


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George! If David Bowie were Iggy Pop with the thirsts of John Bonham and Bon Scott combined. Death would never come for George. George misplaced death in a blacked out one nighter as a cabbie in West LA.

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This is the best book in the world. By far.


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About the author (2009)

An accomplished pianist and music producer, Cliff Brodsky now adds author to his significant list of accomplishments. "I Found God In Hollywood," penned over a period of five years, was prompted by the author's sobriety - the result of a longstanding fondness for marijuana. "Weed was my God and I knew I was a pot addict long before I did anything about it, '' says Brodsky, now over 16 years sober. "I Found God In Hollywood" is an autobiographical collection of over 30 short stories that focus on the author's youth, college life, Hollywood and sobriety. Brodsky's flair for dark comedic storytelling, coupled with a unique insight into how people think, or don't think, for that matter, makes for an entertaining and enjoyable read. 'The Piano' memorializes the author's introduction to this wondrous and life-changing instrument; 'The Diamond Ring' is a wacky tale about teenaged kleptomania; 'I Dropped Gerber' touches on high school bullying; 'Jumped' is a story about survival and exercising your warrior instincts; 'Fuzzy Slipper, ' poses multiple ethics issues. "I want to tell people stories about luck, fate and how things happen in bizarre and absurd ways. Then, perhaps, people will have a better understanding of how 'everything happens for a reason' and will know what to look for." A graduate of Berklee College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Synthesis, Brodsky has owned a recording studio in Hollywood for over 20 years and has Produced hundreds of singer/songwriter and band demos. He has composed and recorded for film, radio and TV and, in recent years, has worked with Sony, BMG, EMI, Capitol Records and Interscope. In 2006, with the help of an investor, Brodsky formed his own label -- Brodsky Entertainment www.brodskyentertainment.com, where he serves as Producer, Songwriter and Talent Developer.

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