I Love You: Perfect Poetry

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iUniverse, Dec 10, 2008 - Poetry
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Today i find my self in the court knowing i am completely innocent of such accusations made against me .The truth is the Ultimate.The shame that is brought on the memory Michael Olley is beyond me. you see very few people know me I am a mum a poet and a painter I was born with a twin sister who played hockey for England and me a hair dresser and a constant sercher my dad took on hitler and survived .and my mum worked in spandau prison during the war time with the red cross.From the land of the Unicorn Winners togerther WE are Where the Kent conspirices were full on in the medievel days you listened watched and felt your way through life.I am a very very special person, from the age of nine i made a commitment to God and when I swayed from it i payed for it I had the wounderfull pleasure of being part of michaels relationship with his lovely gandson .I understood what menar from heaven was. we found ourselves in some amaizing places, as a real man he never let any one down in his life and i do not believe in death either, Its you have let him down and you know who you are.To be denide your wrights to greave is a crime so the the JOKERS and CLOWNS play on you could never have me and you will never will. GOD AND MY RIGHT.

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