I, Shithead: A Life in Punk

Arsenal Pulp Press, 2003 - 237 páginas

Joe Keithley, aka Joey Shithead, founded legendary punk pioneers D.O.A. in 1978. Punk kings who spread counterculture around the world, they've been cited as influences by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, Rancid, and The Offspring, and have toured with The Clash, The Ramones, The Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Nirvana, PiL, Minor Threat, and others, and are the subject of two tribute albums.

But punk is more than a style of music: it's a political act, and D.O.A. have always had a social conscience, having performed in support of Greenpeace, women's rape/crisis centres, prisoner rights, and anti-nuke and anti-globalization organizations. Twenty-five years later D.O.A. can claim sales of more than 500,000 copies of their eleven albums and tours in thirty different countries, and they are still going strong.

I, Shithead is Joe's recollections of a life in punk, starting with a bunch of kids in Burnaby transfixed with the burgeoning punk movement, and traversing a generation disillusioned with the status quo: stories of riots, drinking, travelling, playing, and conquering all manner of obstacles through sheer determination. And through it all, Joe reveals that the famous D.O.A. slogan, talk - action = 0 is, for him, more than a soundbyte.

With an introduction by music producer Jack Rabid, publisher of seminal New York music magazine Big Takeover.

25 years
3000 shows
500,000 records sold
10 vans
331 tires
30 countries
938,000 miles travelled
28 punch-ups
212,000 beers consumed
9 riots
13 CDs
33 releases
9 lives (not used up yet)
27 busts
15 roadies
12 deaf soundmen

* Voted one of the Top 25 Non-Fiction Books of the Year on Amazon.ca
* National Bestseller
* BC Bestseller

German-language rights sold to IP Verlag; French-language rights sold to Rytrut.

Joe Keithley, lead singer of the seminal punk rock band DOA, is featured prominently in the 2006 feature-length documentary American Hardcore.

Now in its third printing

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a bit of a slog to get thru some parts, but indispensable as the only book about D.O.A. written by Joe Keithley himself. Ler resenha completa


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CHAPTER NINE 121 Politics Protest Upheaval
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Joe Keithley, Canada?s godfather of punk has long been an activist, including as a candidate for the Green Party, and is the founder of Sudden Death Records. He lives in Vancouver with his wife and their three children. Jack Rabid is a music producer and publisher of seminal New York music magazine Big Takeover.

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