I Spy Jimmy in Disguise

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I Spy Jimmy in Disguise was written to entertain and delight, to recall to mind the endless hours of fun and imagination. All over the world children (even adults) have always had the desire to dress up and pretend. I watched my own children through the years, this book was inspired by my son James who would dress in the different disguises throughout the day, and how he would look for the excitement and amazement on my face each time I saw him in his new disguise. Many trips to the dollar store to browse the isles of toys looking for the right sword, skate board, helmet, gun, bow and arrows..it was the weekly treat to go on a shopping spree with Jimmy as he would look tirelessly till he found what he was looking for. The child, the dream, the imagination; the unfolding of the future is acted out right before our eyes, in each Childs world of disguise.

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