I Survived! You Can Too!: Overcoming Obstacles in Your Life

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Channelle Lewis's life has never been a fairy tale. From early childhood, she has had to struggle just to survive. Despite the obstacles that her childhood produced, she was determined to make something out of her life. But achieving success hasn't come easy for her. After suffering years of sexual abuse as a child, she later became a victim of domestic violence. She spent years struggling to break completely free from her abuser and open her eyes regarding her abusive relationship with him. For most, the barriers that Channelle faced in her life would be enough to make them give up and not fi ght back for a better life. But, despite her life challenges, she has gone on not only to survive, but also to excel in her life. This story is not just a great read, but also a dramatic yet intimate look into the life of a woman with a troubled past who encountered almost insurmountable odds. It's a story that will inspire, empower, and motivate you to live your life to its fullest no matter what the obstacles are!

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