I-T-E Switchboard Practice: A Supplement to "Modern Switchboards,"

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Cutter electrical and manufacturing Company, 1902 - Electric switchgear - 243 pages
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Page 180 - The Specifications. and Drawings are intended to co-operate, so that any works exhibited in the Drawings, and not mentioned in the Specifications, or vice versa, are to be executed the same as if they were mentioned in the Specifications and set forth in the Drawings, to the true meaning and intention of the said Drawings and Specifications, without any extra charge whatsoever.
Page 132 - The pull on the moving coil is proportional to the product of the current in the moving coil and the flux produced by the stationary coil.
Page 225 - The Wm. Cramp & Sons Ship and Engine Building Company, Philadelphia, Pa.
Page 31 - This we do, at reasonable cost, in the largest and best equipped plant of its kind in the world. Ours is not a "patent medicine" factory — we are manufacturing chemists of known skill, reliability and integrity.
Page 86 - ... afford ample protection for the machinery to which electric motors are attached. Third — To secure a freedom from interruption of production, and avoid the exasperating delay which is experienced in replacing any part of the protective device after the same has been called into service. Fourth — After protecting everything in the shape of machinery, the safety of building and electrical apparatus and providing CIRCUIT BREAKERS AND THEIR USE IN POWER TRANSMISSION...
Page 135 - The illustration shows a voltmeter, which, however, differs but little from a wattmeter. In the case of a wattmeter the fixed coils are connected in series with the line , either directly or through a current transformer, while the moving coil is connected in shunt to the line.
Page 26 - The current in the circuit enters at "A," passes through the solenoid coil "B " (which in its iron jacket becomes a powerful magnet) through the copper terminal
Page 132 - Keystone dynamometer movement. Since the law governing this type of instrument is the law of current squares, it follows that in the case of voltmeters, equally divided scales cannot be obtained.
Page 34 - New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Co New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Co New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Co New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Co New York Orphan Asylum Society.
Page 33 - To produce such an instrument the highest skill, electrical and mechanical, is required. Long study of the existing state of the art and the conditions under which Circuit Breakers are called upon to operate are necessary, and the closest attention must be given to every detail of their manufacture.

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