I Take Thee Collection

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Blushing Books Publications, 2010 - Fiction
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Own the entire 4-novella collection of the "I Take Thee Series" and follow the roots of the Christian Domestic Discipline relationships started by each of the Callahan Bros. I Take Thee, MatthewA traditional marriage with old-fashioned ideals is what both Matthew and I desired, but I soon learned that it was harder than I anticipated. Those little spankings over the seat of my jeans that Matthew gave me before we married, soon turned into full-fledged spankings on the bare once our vows were spoken! I learned that cursing would not be tolerated, nor would disrespect. Bouncing checks and getting traffic tickets were also taken quite seriously by Matthew.The real problems occurred in our marriage when the thrice-divorced Sierra moved next door, and told me what I was missing & I knew what Matthew's response to her suggestion would be, however, and that was an old-fashioned spanking! I Take Thee, MarkAfter dieting off twenty pounds, Molly was sure she'd finally earned Mark Callahan's attention in a romantic way. He asked her out on a date! Her disappointment at learning he was wining and dining her to ask her to work for him filled her with helplessness, and she angrily decided she was a love-sick fool and made a public scene by dumping dessert over his handsome head.Mark is determined to spank the sassy Molly, and no one is more shocked that he when he discovers his feelings for his high school buddy have blossomed into love. Molly isn't so sure she wants a traditional marriage, complete with spanking, but Mark won't have it any other way. I Take Thee, LukeChef Ruthie couldn't resist putting pepper all over Luke Callahans take-out order. She considered it payback for the rude way he'd treated her at her best friend Molly's wedding to his brother Mark Callahan. When Luke came banging on her door, demanding to talk to her, she was dismayed to learn that if he'd eaten the pepper-laden food, she could have gone to prison for manslaughter. Luke was highly allergic to pepper? and not only had she risked his life, she'd put the restaurant and her professional career in jeopardy. Luke felt the best punishment for her crime was a good spanking, and Ruthie shamefully agreed. To their surprise, that spanking seemed to bring them together, and it wasn't long before they were a couple. Ruthie's tendency to be late for everything put a damper on their relationship, and Luke decided it was time to help her modify her behavior. Ruthie wasn't sure she wanted Luke to spank her, but she'd known all along that the Callahan men believed in spanking, and she has to ask herself if she had what takes to be a Callahan wife? I Take Thee, JohnJill Gallagher was happy to see the police officer who came in answer to her call to 911 after her Beauty Salon was robbed. She threw herself into the startled man's arms, and told him she needed a hug.John Callahan thought she needed a spanking even more... working so late at night, and all alone, with the door to her business unlocked... and when he discovered her car doors were also unlocked, he couldn't resist scolding. The final straw was when he took her home and discovered the door to her residence unlocked as well! John can't resist taking her over his knee and giving her a lesson.Jill isn't shocked by his behavior. His sister-in-law, Ruthie, was one of her clients and a good friend, and she'd told Jill all about the Callahan men and their old fashioned ideas. Jill just hoped this particular Callahan man would stick around.

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