I Will be a Gentleman: A Book for Boys

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Wm. Crosby and H.P. Nichols, 1845 - Azores - 152 pages
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Page 114 - Fayal, and on the 5th and succeeding days, from twelve to fifteen small volcanos broke out in the fields we had traversed on the 3d, from the chasms before described, and threw out a quantity of lava, which travelled on slowly towards Vellas. The fire of those small craters subsided, and the lava ceased running...
Page 135 - The daughter of the farmer in whose field this tree stood, and with whom I became acquainted, married, and settled in this city about forty years ago. In our occasional interviews, we now and then spoke of the innocent haunts and rural pleasures of our youth, and among other things of the eagle's nest in her father's field. A few years ago I was called to visit this woman when she was in the lowest stage of a typhus fever.
Page 136 - She seized my hand, without being able to speak, and discovered strong emotions of pleasure in her countenance, probably from a sudden association of all her early domestic connexions...
Page 113 - After taking some refreshment, we visited the second crater, the sulphureous smoke of which, driven southerly, rendered it impracticable to attempt approaching the large one. When we came within a mile of the crater, we found the earth rent in every direction, and, as we approached nearer, some of the chasms were six feet wide; by leaping over some of these chasms, and making windings to avoid the larger ones, we at length arrived within two hundred yards of the spot ; and saw it, in the middle of...
Page 112 - PM walking in the balcony of my house at St. Antonio, I heard noises like the report of heavy cannon at a distance, and concluded there was some sea engagement in the vicinity of the island. But soon after, casting my eyes towards the island of St. George, I perceived a dense column of smoke rising to an immense height.
Page 114 - ... bellowings were occasionally heard from the bowels of the earth, and earthquakes were frequent. After remaining here about ten minutes, we returned to town, the inhabitants had mostly quitted their houses, and remained in the open air, or under tents. We passed the night at Vellas, and the next morning went by water to Ursulina, a small seaport town two leagues south of Vellas, and viewed that part of the country covered with the cinders before mentioned, and which have turned the most valuable...
Page 116 - ... but their flesh. About sixty persons were thus miserably scalded, some of whom died on the spot, or in a few days after. Numbers of cattle shared the same fate. The judge and principal inhabitants left the island very early.
Page 2 - Christian Examiner. THE YOUNG MAIDEN. Seventh Edition. By Rev. AB MDZZEY, Author of "The Young Man's Friend," "Sunday School Guide," etc., etc. 16mo. pp. 264. Price, 62J cents. CONTENTS. — The Capacities of Woman ; Female Influence ; Female Education ; Home ; Society ; Love ; Single Life ; Reasons for Marriage ; Conditions of True Marriage; Society of Young Men; First Love; Conduct during Engagement ; Trials of Woman and her Solace ; Encouragements. " The sentiments and principles enforced in this...
Page 116 - Fayal to their relief, and large boats to bring away the inhabitants who had lost their dwellings. In short, the island, heretofore rich in cattle, corn, and wine, is nearly ruined ; and a scene of greater desolation and distress had seldom been witnessed in any country.
Page 113 - We learned that th« fire of the first of May had broken out in a ditch, in the midst of fertile pastures, three leagues SE of Vellas, and had immediately formed a crater, in size about twenty-four acres. In two days it had thrown out cinders or...

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